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  • Hello there. I see you've got Cyndaquils and are looking for Gen I-IV pokémons.
    From the top of my head, I have Onix, Miltank, Eevees and Sentrets.
    Do you have Chikorita or any Gen III/IV starter?
    I see that you are looking for the legendary birds, I have a level 80 Lugia if you like ... I would love to trade it for your Suicune!
    i have them too. i just wanted to try and unlock the one in game. yeah, we can trade and trade back.
    yeah, thats all i wanted to do...get it in the dex, and see if i can find one in gts later. they don't happen to be the recent b/w event ones do they? the ones that unlock zorua or something...?
    Snap haha. My white forest looks like its been all cut down for timber. Nothing in it at all. Any stone in particular? If its a water stone you're after then I'll need to find one, which could take a while, but will happily do for a chimchar. Got plenty of all the others though at the moment though
    i can offer the following: level 80 Hydreigon with dark pulse
    level 75 Bisharp
    level 75 Scizor with technician as an ability
    level 75 Zoroark with dark pulse as an egg move
    level 65 Dragonite
    level 60 Blastoise
    level 57 Feraligatr
    level 56 Infernape
    level 49 Pachirisu
    level 46 Alakazam
    level 36 Ampharos

    I am looking for pokemon over level 75, I am more than willing to offer 2 of my lower leveled ones for 1 of your higher leveled one.
    hi, I am looking for high level pokemon, I was wondering if you had any, I have many pokemon to offer in return, please let me know, thanks so much!
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