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  • ghost saw your post in the bank ball trade hope this helps it the list of available balls for every pokemon that is legal


    hope this helps you out, I hope this isn't to random but i was checking out the thread and saw about the archen which yeah there is no way to get it outside of pokeball XD I wanted to help you out so then you know what is hacked or not.

    edit: also just letting yo know shiny near flawless jarachi doesn't exist the only way to get shiny jarachi in pokemon Colosseum game which you can't rng on that game for flawless spreads so what your asking is for a hack. saw your sig...
    Shiny Darkrai from kalos is always hacked since only one of its events could be shiny, just cause it passed through bank doesn't make it legit or legal, they had very poor planning for bank since it was released late and had issues before it even came out
    I didnt mean the legends, i was just giving an example of what would be impossible for EVENTS not the legends, was just using that pokemon and nature / ivs as an example, the legends with high ivs yes thats possible, my Mewtwo that's timid is 13/31/31/31/31/31 but the events cant do that without being hacked OR that event having 4 perfect ivs always but no event has had more than 3 guaranteed
    Any gen6 event that has every perfect iv that matters for that pokemon, like jolly missing sp.atk mewtwo for example, are all hacked since gen6 rng isn't possible yet
    If you still have that modest xerneas I can offer you some 4-6IV kalos bred shinies, or a diancie from prerelease event In Japan or some special ball pokes that can be bred, let me know what your looking for and I can see if I have it, however if you want my kalos bred list I'd have to pm it to you since it's to big for a vm
    that's because before gen 6, we could hack into the coding to see the shiny versions, but they have not been released as shinies, bar jirachi, which GF deems illegal due to it actually not supposed to be shiny
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