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  • My qualifications is that I looked it up in the dictionary.

    (I'm making fun of the "dictionary argument" in the racism thread.)
    I hope my post helps the argument. Living in Texas sure brings up, uh, interesting experiences.
    Since you've been mentioning him, I thought I would share some insight about Bernie Sanders.

    My friend and I were talking about the Bernie-or-Bust sentiment. My friend mentioned that Bernie Sanders appealed to people who normally wouldn't vote anyway.

    I voted for Bernie in the primaries, but in the end, I wanted a Democratic candidate to win.

    Besides Trump and Cruz, you had a woman in a tin foil hat, and a guy who doesn't understand scientific progess, much less how to answer a question without being defensive.

    Plus Trump and Cruz are awful, even for Republicans. Honestly, I find Cruz worse. Trump is an idiot pampered by wealth and media attention, but I don't find him as deliberate as Cruz.
    If they said you were okay for midnight, that should be that, short of you going back to the store and asking them to double-check and explain it to you to your satisfaction.
    Am I guaranteed to get Breath of the Wild at midnight if I pre-ordered it online at a specific store, yet, haven't paid the amount (but am expected to at the moment of purchase)?
    If you pre-ordered it in the store, I believe the minimum down payment is $5, which guarantees you a copy, relative to the other pre-orders. That is, if you pre-ordered early enough as to be within their initial allotment of copies, you are guaranteed a copy at launch, and if you fall outside of that initial allotment, you're guaranteed a copy from the next shipment.

    I've never pre-ordered online for pickup at a store. Did you make a down payment when doing that?
    Evolution and global warming are real and should be emphasized in schools.

    Laws should be enacted to protect minorities, but even more evident is that some laws unethically do the opposite.
    I really hate getting into politics.

    Yet when science and treatment of women and minorities falls into one basket, I can't help but get into discussions.
    I wasn't getting that vibe from you, but I wanted to state that if a sexist man discovered new genes, than new genes were discovered. It's an unfortunate stain on our community, but its not the only stain upon communities.

    However, I remember having a class with a man who told us that our biology department should work to the benefit of minorities and women (more job opportunities).

    I assume you wanted to point out that a guy was pointing out Christianity as the sole anti-gay source, correct?
    Before: I'm a Christian against gays.
    After: I think all Christians are against gays.

    I don't know how much I want to get into it, but just like not all Muslims are what are called jihadists, not all Christians are overzealous morons.

    BTW, I should tell you that, unfortunately, not all scientists are virtuous people. Richard Dawkins is a real jerk, but he is also a scientist.
    It's not different with Wattson (from Wattson and Crick) who is a total racist.
    *Looks up* Seems interesting.

    Unlike this movie. You would expect a conspiracy documentary to be slightly more interesting. Instead...

    First 5 minutes: Fluff statements that go nowhere.
    Second 5 minutes: My first documentary was such a hit.
    Next 15 minutes: Let's talk about our "enemy" without having the balls to say who they are.
    Also, we need more pictures of Karl Marx, stat.

    The documentary is a mess that shows footage while someone talks over it, causing a disjointed experience.
    There were a lot of people that didn't want to vote Hillary because she is "corporate" and not Bernie Sanders.

    I'm not completely sure which way the :)p) goes.

    But you wouldn't be a stranger to know how entitled white males get.

    I voted for Hillary (in the final bracket) primarily because she was the one candidate who could defeat Trump.

    Also, out of everybody who gave me an argument, it is ironic that a Pokemon forum gave me the best one. Lots of people against Hillary give out really vague "info", such as how "shady" she is or how she did "things" in the past that were "bad".

    At least you guys were able to provide some solid information.

    BTW, my crazy aunt gave me a ultra rightwing conspiracy documentary.

    It's called the Agenda 2. Honestly, it's too boring to even get offended by it. Though I could only watch about 30 minutes before being bored off my butt.
    I have felt lately that politics in the US (at least) have fallen under the "white male syndrome".
    This is, unfortunately, a bipartisan side effect from the large influence.

    The Trump side is self explanatory, but the left has people who want to nitpick about who exactly becomes president.

    I should also mention that this is not exclusive to just white males, as members of the white female, and minority male population can sometimes be in this as well.

    But if you were to sample the people in this phenomenon, most of them within the circle are going to be white males.
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