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  • Here my bigger problem:

    Before election- Oh god, Donald Trump should never be president.
    After election- Well, Donald Trump will probably reason out.

    I want to remind cautious. Every time I think Donald Trump can't do something, there he goes.
    I don't think I need to state how I felt with the election results.

    It seems clear to me that issues don't matter to people and harmful rhetoric isn't as bad as faults every politician has.

    I have probably been the only member of my family who wanted to support Hillary.
    I have one liberal sister who thought she wasn't liberal enough. Everybody else buys into the scandal BS.

    I hate, how now, all Hillary supporters are being associated with violent reaction protestors when Trump losing would give us a different scenario.
    There are times, whether on Serebiiforums or in real life, that I just feel like my ability to debate is very lackluster.
    I hope the PM doesn't bug you, and if you wish to not go any further into that discussion, I will understand.
    Well, I was going to tell you the technicalities of not unfriending them entirely, but ultimately, I decided you were right.

    They aren't downright deplorable people, but I don't want to be associated with the bad connotations.

    With one liking posts from people who are hateful IRL.

    Another one who won't shut up and realize he is wrong.

    Unfriending complete.
    I haven't PMed you yet with the topic yet. I've been busy at school, and the topics get fairly complex when trying to find an answer to the problem (not a solution, but an answer).

    I've had to unfollow two people on facebook. One was liking FB posts by Rick Joyner (preacher who said Katrina punished gay people), and another person who has been posting without putting much thought into his posts.

    One topic he posted is that global warming is skewed statistics. I find this annoying because I have taking Biology classes where it is universally agreed upon my professors.

    Also, he posts a lot of posts that go into "this is how black people should feel" territory.
    1. He told people (many of them black) that the confederate flag wasn't hateful. He's entitled to his viewpoint, but he shouldn't force his feelings as other people's feelings. He changed his profile picture with him in front of a confederate flag.
    2. He makes post about how BLM is a bad movement, or quoting a guy who happens to be black on how black people should perceive their problems

    Also, is "Trump apologist" a term yet? If not, we need it to be one.
    I hope the PM question wasn't offensive. I often have the fear or paranoia that I did something that offended somebody. However, feel free to speak up if I said or stated anything wrong; just keep it in the PM is my one request.
    I sent you another question. Do to possible controversies, I kept it as a PM as a private discussion.

    I feel like the debate thread suffers a lot from "shouldn't be a debate" syndrome. I would like to look a topics that could have a fair split of opinions.

    As for one topic that should not be controversial and should have universal agreement.

    Evolution is real, and it should be taught in all public schools. If you don't like it, suck it up. We have taught kids about heliocentric solar systems, so they can stand for another real topic.
    -Also, Texas's stubbornness to barely humor the idea feels like a negative impact for me. I almost think that evolution was a topic I learned more by reading than by actual classes.
    -If you don't want to believe it yourself, you are free to think that way, but don't leave potentially smart kids in the dust because of it.
    It's extreme to say we should "remove" Trump supporters but let's not pretend America has shown its darkest, hidden side since the 60s.
    Since you can't reply on threads simply saying you agree, I decided to VM you and say that I agree.

    I think we have the same conclusion on this. Some of what I was saying was a disclosure statement, but not necessarily aimed at you. I just like to keep the morals straight for everyone, including myself.
    The biggest change I hope for is when some of my friends can look past their own biases, and at least learn to not drag these issue too far.

    I sent you a PM. Since it is a Private Message, please don't share it and reply by PM instead.
    That's racist! j/k

    I was thinking about leaving the group. This isn't a first time offense, neither is it the only BS topic I've seen there.
    The article is a couple days old, but talks about a few of his scatter tweets.

    Most of the tweets are from at least 2 years back, and many of them are taken out of context. (Classy journalism there.)

    This is in response to a very recent criticism the guy in question made about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a game that he accused of negatively showing race relations.

    I didn't get in any debate about the game that I mention (mostly because I'm not that familiar with it), but in my humble opinion, people didn't like this, and they now accuse Heir of being racist towards white people.

    The reason I brought it up is because of Facebook, where I saw it. Someone posted it to a group that I follow. I pointed out that the post seemed horribly misconstrued, in which he replied something along the lines of "if you replace 'white' with 'color', then it's hate speech". That didn't really answer my assertion, and he got awfully defensive about it.

    I don't necessarily like getting into gender/racial politics in public media (though I won't say that racism/sexism doesn't exist in any form in it). My biggest problems with the "no it's not" group is that arguments are one sided, and how unprofessional the response are, all the while accusing others of being unprofessional.

    I was wondering if you have/would clean(ed) your PM box. There is a bit of restraint I have by just communicating on a VM visible message.
    You know your stuff, and statistics can improve a perspective, especially if one's first perspective is short-sighted or ignorant.

    Since this came up, with Crap on Facebook #592, did you hear about Mass Effect designer, Manveer Heir supposed "hatred" for white people.

    Looking at his original tweets, while his tweet messages are provocative (for better or worse), I don't see any indication that he has any real animosity towards white people as much as white privilege.

    If you are interested in what I have seen floating around, I can link you the article, but be warned that I, myself, believe that the article is misleading an unprofessional.
    Basically, race is a stronger factor than gender if that's what you're getting at.
    That is what I was trying to understand, yes.

    I ask this as a matter of perspective. I'd rather leave my own feedback on debate rather than ask these type of questions that may or may not be interpreted the wrong way.
    Could this concept have a "Venn diagram" relationship where women of color would more likely vote Hillary than a Caucasian woman, or a man of color?

    I hope these questions don't come off as aggravating. The concept of racial and gender influences on public opinion can be a sensitive topic, which is why I try to tie it more to voting record than the actual group dynamic.
    Thanks for the reply. The reason I was asking is because in a topic with my sister, she told me that she was undecided whether to or not to vote Hillary (as opposed to Jill Stein, or other left-leaning candidates). She says that Hillary is left-leaning enough.

    I don't want this statement to come off as me being more astute that she is. There are times where she is right, and I would be in the wrong. I basically gave you the benefit of the doubt that the fears of Hillary Clinton, in both scandals and fear of not being left enough, are the result of projection of belief rather than fact. I hear more than my fair share of Hillary being this criminal mastermind that left Benghazi to die, but we know that that statement is projecting a lot more, to say the least.

    Even if I thought that Hillary was a shady politician, or whatever, I would still vote for her. I want to make the biggest anti-Trump vote ever, which is voting on the other side.

    A few other things I want to note. First is that I feel that people get entitled to who they get to vote for. Second is that the Hillary "scandals" or left without the burden of proof. Third is that I think Trump's biggest problem is his severe lack of political integrity. Lastly, having said that, I don't see Cruz as "a whole lot better" since Cruz basically tries to stop Obama's progress regardless of whether Obama said or did the right thing. From what I heard, there are many Republicans that couldn't stand him even.
    If I may ask, would Caucasian women be more or less likely to vote Hillary (as opposed to non-Caucasian people as a whole or non-Caucasian women)?
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