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    wow how anticlimatic is this. lol
    Haha, that gave me a laugh! ^_^;

    By the way, GhostAnime, I like your new sig banner. The old one was funny, but this is nicer, I think. =P
    You are free to have whichever opinion you like GhostAnime. However, when your opinion is causing strife in the topic and causing other members to report you, then I have to step in. I'm sorry, SPPf is not a democracy.
    Okay, I'm going to try to explain this one last time. Please do not make the misconception that I am not allowing you to discuss things. The reason I warned you is because your posts were offending people. Granted you are entitled to your opinion, which is why I warned you to stop first. When as a moderator choose to intervene in a situation, the issue isn't up for public debate. You can take that up with me via PM. I even asked you explicitly not to argue with me, because I know that's what you like to do. You did so anyway, which is directly ignoring what I said, hence why I gave you an infraction for it. Now, your argument is that Profesco should have been warned because he was debating DarkDragonite. This is true, but what they were discussing was not offending anyone at all, it wasn't sending the topic down hill, therefore did not require any intervention on my part. You are free to tell me that you think I'm wrong, but when I give the word that the issue is not up for debate in the topic, then the issue is not up for debate. My PM box was wide open. This is my last try in attempt to explain things to you, if you still ardently disagree, you will simply have to take it up with Josh as I have simply not been convinced why your infraction was unjust, or unwarranted.
    About the below stuff; Your friendly neighborhood JoshYEAH has plans. Plans plans plans.

    About the Babylon warning you just got in that stupid Nice guys thread; He's halfway right I'm afraid, you are borderline trolling with what you're saying so ho ho ho, I'm gonna have to ask that you cut down on posting because, even though you are certainly entitled to your opinion, it's not really in the best interests of the topic for people to be getting offended, for Babylon to get his panties in a knot, and for me to have to be here.

    Much obliged playa.
    Well, you're not the only one. Lots of people feel like Misc is different than it used to be, and not entirely for the better. It has gotten kinda boring, hasn't it?

    I just don't know what to do to get it back the way it was. >_<;
    GhostAnime, all of the closed topics on the first two pages of Misc are technical questions, dragon egg-related, and... Zweet's stuff. What are you referring to?
    wonderful body. wish i could have groped that.
    Don't you think you might want to be a little more... tactful? >_>;
    i'll continue to think it's fake until you show more pictures!
    It is fake, want me to show you her website or something? x_x
    That girl is a glamour model.
    Nope. I play Brawl very rarely. In fact, I only ever played Melee once. ^_^ I'm not an avid player, I guess you could say!

    I had fun, though. You're one of the better players I've seen. Good job, GhostAnime! You destroyed me soundly!
    So y'know, GhostAnime, I've been wondering this for some time now. You don't seem too liked by the members in the Brawl Thread, aside from myself ans AerialAce!, so why do you bother with the Brawl Thread anymore? Quite honestly, I enjoy having your presence, especially since you give good advice and debate fodder, as well as the fact I agree with most of the stuff you say. Just wondering, as I know you enjoy debating but hardly anyone in the Brawl Thread does, really. :/
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