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  • I know few people on the debates, honestly. I see Psychic and Ellie pop up as good debaters, especially the former.
    Out of everyone else in the debate forum, you and bobjr are probably some the most sound debaters. Both of you guys have supported Hillary not only to beat Trump, but to understand that the "crooked Hillary" archetype is really getting out of hand.

    If I didn't know myself, then I would trust the opinions of people who would know more.
    I hope my Hillary questions don't come across as annoying, but I had one more question I wanted to ask you. This is almost a favor for me, which I'll get to later in this message.

    What do you think about the various corruption scandals against Hillary? I said so myself that they seemed cherry picked, overblown, and we are ignoring all of the other corruption scandals any other politician we might have. However, that answer doesn't feel satisfactory for me. It is basically because I want to have a better sense of knowledge for the sake of having a better argument. I don't typically pick fights with politics (as I live in Texas and I only talk to people who agree with me), but I wanted a better sense of how I should view Hillary as a candidate. I told you earlier that I voted for Sanders, but Hillary wasn't necessarily a bad choice for me.

    In essence, I wanted to get your take for the sake of my argument.
    Did you say that you supported her over Bernie, or am I not recalling that correctly?

    The main reason that I'm voting for Hillary is that it is the best way to send Trump an "anti-vote".
    I wanted to know why you in particular support Hillary Clinton.

    I honestly voted for Bernie in the primaries, but I'm a "Vote Blue No Matter Who" type of person.

    A small bit of my opinion is that the negativity surrounding her is cherry picked while other issues and possible scandals from other politicians are being ignored.
    Hey GhostAnime, I hope this question doesn't come across the wrong way, and I wouldn't think more or less of you, but do you happen to be African American?

    I commonly associate you with the Boondocks signature you used to have, mainly, and you do bring race as a talking point in the debates, though neither of those are definitively restricted to race.

    I'm just curious, and you don't have to answer this question.
    Well, I mean, there are more problems than just ignorance on other video game series.

    There is also ignorance in general.
    TBH: Your statement there doesn't address the full problem with serebiiforums members.
    I'm not a competitive smasher by any means, but I have to agree with you on how a competitive scene works.

    People seem to think that tier lists were made so people can't have fun.
    I've been slacking on that but I do plan to put one up soon. Probably Smash Wii U but I'm not entirely sure yet.
    Well, I have done; I went to AWA and Momocon once each when I was in college at Agnes Scott. I'd like to go again, but no one around me now is into anime, so...
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