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  • Make-up days... where all students are forced to wear makeup.
    Yeah, it's illegal to chop down trees (even on private property) without the state's permission first. After you do chop it down, it's the law that you replant another tree in its place immediately.
    Imagine if they swapped winter and summer breaks with one another... That's one way to avoid snow days, eh?
    Haha, of course. Every gamer has that mentality! I'm stuck on Smash right now, but also a few other 1-player games I'm trying to play & complete. I hate when I sometimes get too much going.

    My state in particular is known for being "weird". We're... a little obsessed with trees.
    It's alright, it's almost impossible to keep track of the 100000000+ rules implemented here. :p
    Well, I hope you do, and I'm confident you'll gain your full desire again! :D

    Yeah, they space those two breaks so close to each other. It's also always baffled me... why two weeks for winter break, and only one week for spring? :p
    Then 2-3 months for summer break.
    Merica is much different than how other countries manage their school breaks.
    Not much. I guess it's been okay, I've had problems but they seem to be getting better.
    Yea, I did last week.
    It's my birthday today!
    Do you think we could exchange emails or something? I don't get on here that often.
    Yeah, we're not supposed to discuss bans (it's been a rule here now for the past many months). That's really sad, why are you departing from Pokemon? D:
    You shouldn't leave it entirely, especially if it was in your childhood, like it was mine. :)

    Oh, nice! I'm sure lots are proud of you. It's almost summer break for a lot of people.
    I know what you mean. It's not the active place it once was here. I'm only still here because I have friends who use the site, and it'd be rude of me to abandon them.
    You're welcome! You should leave it this way 5ever, haha.
    Things are going pretty swell, actually! How about you? :p
    Hello there! I noticed that we don't talk much. That's a nice new-ish username you have there, by the way.
    Ah, okay. I can understand that.

    I'm gonna try to work on my constume with my sister this weekend. I want to get a lot of done.
    Well, let's hope you get it done in time!
    2020? That's five years from now! xD Well, at least you have a lot of time to make it.
    We're using a picture of a Latios as the reference. xD
    I changed my mind since we were going to do both Link and Latios, but Link was going to take too long to make. I don't mind going just as Latios, though.
    (It's all right. :3)
    Well, my sister and I are working on a the wings. I think it'll come out great. I think I'm going to use a motorcycle helmet as a base for the head.
    Hey! Remember how I said I was going to Animazement as Link? Well, not anymore! I'm going as a Latios. :3
    I was talking about my therapist, I rant online about it all the time haha.
    Okay! A lot of people are fine with it as an umbrella term, but some are not.
    No, it's fine. I was having thoughts like that because of dysphoria, and no one IRL could help with that until now.

    I'm probably gonna go by Isabelle again, it's a long story, but I posted about it in the lgbt club.
    Btw are you okay with the q slur?
    Oh wow I replied to that but posted it on my VM's, dorry!
    Anyway yesterday I came out to my therapist as both transgender and bi, and shes very supportive!
    also, I changed my name again, sorry! I'm going by Corinne.
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