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  • Awww...I know how that feels :[ But it's great you're back! Although I have something to confess...you've been deleted off of my brawl roster because of your inactivity but now I just wanna add you again if you're gonna get on Brawl T___T I've improved so much since we last brawled :D
    General notice: SSBB online match at 6pm EST 3pm West Coast 10/15/08
    Name: Gidie F.C.: 4167-4196-3662
    Hiya again Gidieon ^^ How are things going?

    *looks at Zero Wolf* I don't really care if I lose to you a lot...I just want to enjoy a normal brawl mmkay? Anyway, I've been advancing a bit...so you'll expect to see a bit of improvement from me in the next few days.
    Same here...well actually I have a Theology test coming up but it's pretty much easy and I'm all set for it. Since high school's around, the only time I can get on wi-fi in the weekdays is if I'm done with my homework and/or if there's an opening to which my parents can let me use the TV. When it comes to weekends, it's pretty much different.
    Ahhh I see...well at least it's the weekend ^^ I haven't seen you on wi-fi for quite some time too. I haven't been going on much although I did go on last night...I had a few brawls with Neku (a.k.a. Zero-Wolf) and at least I've been improving even though I've had a few losses :]
    I'm never allowed to invite any friends over lol...although I'm allowed to visit my friends at their houses though :] I've been playing Super Mario Galaxy for the past few days since I got it...but now I feel like getting back in Brawl and collect the rest of the final smash trophies. Hopefully that'll raise my trophy count to at leat 350+ >.<
    So far my first four days of high school have been great ^^ Theology I would have to be my favorite class at this time...too many random things happen during class session XD But anyway yeah how are things going? (I kinda heard about another storm coming in to the Gulf o.o)
    Thanks :] That was well said! I hope my freshman year starts out great (since I've ended up going to an all-girls private high school)...by the time it starts I don't think I'll be on SPPf much either :/
    Sunshine State...you live in Florida :D Yup I kinda suspected that...since tropical storms/hurricanes are quite common in the summer there. I wish to visit that state one day though ^^ The Golden State is where I live XD
    Hmmmm I see...at least it isn't too strong compared to a hurricane :] Luckily, I'm extremely glad that the weather's starting to cool down in the west coast...this year's summer was really hot. The weather's cool in the morning yet it gets hotter by noon (and in the weekdays of vacation I'm usually home alone till like 4 in the afternoon) :/
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