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  • Ahhh that tropical storm...I've heard it. Of course in my area we rarely get hit by any tropical storms or hurricanes, although we have tornadoes sometimes (but it's a rare sighting so it's not really common). And whoa...I wonder where the trampoline came from o____O
    I don't start my first day of high school till next week XD Although sadly this is my last week of vacation T___T
    Busy, I left my Advance Placement US History summer work to the last minute and I just got it done.
    Blame My Band Director and Band Camp. It's long, 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon + Officer mettings that last untill 5:30. Thats my typical day for the next two weeks.
    Same here...since there was no one else on except for Metamence, I decided to try out brawling with anyone and did a few brawls from there. Then I got off...and went back on again at around 2 PM (in my area) because I was supposed to have a match with someone (which is the player you've seen playing as Snake...Jimmy. Everytime I brawl him there's always some lags in connection...). After about three or four brawls, I saw the message that you wished to join in the brawl and of course I accepted...the more players the merrier it gets ^^ Compared to my last fights with you, it seemed I kinda improved a bit the last time :]
    I was Just online and was going to a few Anyone matches for trainig and I just happened to see you online. That was just luck, and the perfect way to unwind after 10 hours of Band Camp.
    Hey...you were better than me though XD So you're really awesome at it too ^-^
    Anyway I did record them...although the last two I didn't record because it ran out of memory. I'll upload,on youtube, the ones that I thought was really good...which is the first four :] I'll send you the links when I'm done :D
    Gidieon, the 4 player clash is off...no other two members have responded.
    So, you wouldn't mind if it's just a normal 1-on-1 5-stock brawl, would you? :]
    Mystery Dungeon 2: 3351-5780-8121 (Republic) Friend Rescues: 31
    Diamond: 2499-3234-0945 (Flanery) Battle Record: 31W-17L-1D
    Mario Kart DS: 038797-076940
    Brawl: 4617-4196-3662 (Gidie)
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