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  • Oh would it? I was thinking of reviving 5 jaw fossils and then SR until I get a shiny xD but idk which one is faster compared to MM... hmmm I guess I'll try the masuda :p
    I dont have the reaper cloth now. oh thanks for the offer but Im trying to SR for shiny tyrunt xD
    Forgot that dusclops needs reaper cloth xD but thanks so much for the help!

    btw do you have a spare jaw fossil?
    if something has a beneficial nature with real good ivs chances are it;s edited. if a gen 6 event is shiny when it can't be its hacked. most gen 6 events have 3 perfect ivs by default so if it has less it;s hacked. then there are gen 6 events with wrong sid. each gen 6 event has a certain sid and you'd need to be able to check it with some program.
    there are iv modifier codes. nature codes as well. people can edit an event for 6ivs and change nature
    your darkrai is most likely a powersave hack. chances of getting 6iv and timid nature through soft reset are slim to none
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