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  • It's no bother. Want to figure out a conversation between them? Also by that time the group with Andy should be returning if you'd rather talk to a general. My two characters are well, I'm not really sure what their rank is. I just know they're not rank and file.

    My two characters will be doing that also, but they move kinda fast.
    Yeah, they'd know who each other are, but not personally. they may have seen her when she was a bookworm at the library or something.
    Yeah, they wouldn't have been in the same grade as her. But considering how famous your characters were around the city, Eris might remember them as the "shallow little b*tches trying to make the scene".

    And somewhat, Laverre isn't a small town. It has a swamp near it, and a river on the other side.

    Yeah, back when Eris was an innocent little recluse. I'm sure your characters would've heard of her as "that shiny dyke everyone picks on for fun" and/or the local shiny Pokemon.
    Well, how old are they? I'd say Eris lived there at the ages of 13 to 15, so if they went to the same school, Eris would probably vilify them with all her soul.
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