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  • Eris: Oh! How wonderful! Will Attica still be willing to mingle? I can hold back my... More eccentric desires if she'd prefer~

    Wait, Tec's not in the RP anymore?
    Haha, I have to admit, I didn't think to make things a little more subtle until the day of. XD That's totally something I should do next year. Capitalize all the names.

    Also! You're welcome! :D I'm glad you liked it~!

    And finally, belated >8D to sucking yet another player into Ingress.
    Eris: Marriage? Ew! What, you mean you believe all that stuff about suppressing your biological desires? What a Puritan!
    Eris: This is because you're homophobic, isn't it? Or because you don't have religious tolerance? Bigot!
    Eris: Don't worry Esme! I swear on my mother to keep you entertained! *smiles in a genuinely non-creepy manner*
    Hrm, alright. Looking forward to seeing the sign up sheet!

    It's a reboot. And trust me, with newfound inspiration, I have new ways to make Eris entertaining!
    Okay. It's kinda hard to know if someone saw a message when you don't get a response.

    Anyway, glad to see you reverse some spots! Any idea what the a jag character will be?
    Hooray for VM stalking! Man, do I miss being able to do that after migrating to FurAffinity (shamelessly!). XD

    And actually, Avenger was the one who proposed the idea to bring SN back after I mentioned how I missed Eris. I was about to pitch it, but he beat me to it. :p

    And bringing back the two... Whatever the hell those Pokemon are supposed to be... Back? Well, I guess that erases what Eris had done. Time to start anew! >:D
    It is specifically my job to judge people for my own comedic purposes! For I AM THE LAW!!!

    Most likely. If I do I'm likely gonna bring back Ryuka and Richard in their evolved forms. After SN 2.0 I figure it's just better to have them be able to fight at their best rather than wait and hope for a character development opportunity I can't be sure will come like the whole Xeros being forced on Xiav's side thing did.
    VM stalking me and Charred I bet! You sneaky rascal, you! xD

    I was surprised about it myself too. When I saw it come up on my friend's activity feed I was like....what?
    Yaaaa, I tried to tell you about that on Skype the night I saw the SU thread pop up, but I guess you were asleep.
    Thanks in advanced for taking the time to read it. Any feedback will be appreciated too, I've received little to none.
    Hey Ginger. You probably already know this, but I thought I should tell you directly. I've been writing a Fic based on SN. I've gotten up to 8 Chapters posted right now.
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