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  • Cool! I'm at work at this time unfortunately, but I'll keep looking for ya!
    Ugh that sounds awful! Hope yer felling better!! c: Sweet, thank ye! Our times keep not meeting up but hopefully I'll catch you eventually. @w@
    Hey there! Sorry I haven't been able to catch you lately. @@ I think I'll have time on my Sat if you're around!
    I was wondering, you had said only two of the YotD events made it up, can you tell me which ones?
    Hello, could you please check your shop when you have time. I'm really interested in your shiny lugia. Also need info on your shiny mew.. thanks
    Finally have time to trade, any time up to and including the 4th would be ideal but I can also do it later as well
    Hi there I just am stopping by to let you know I made a trade proposal in your trade thread just in case you don't check it everyday.
    I have something that is on your wants list so hopefully we can trade in the future!

    thanks and have an awesome day!
    I'm glad :) I graduated and started my career 6 months ago.. Then I suddenly remembered the good old days :D
    I see, I may come in at random as well, can't cease thinking about the good times I spent here
    If it isn't my old friend :3
    How have you been bro?
    It's me, AKA Chelsea Star xD
    How long has it been? 3~4 years? I'm actually surprised you're still active here after all this time :D
    Just wanted to say hi ^_^
    Yep you are right ^_^ I just get frustrated sometimes because my last sr went to giving up. I am not giving up but need to get bank renewed for another year :)
    Yeah my sring luck sucks lol I am about 4,200 srs and still going atm which might have to take a break soon because I need to renew bank.
    How in the world did you get lucky with lugia lol I went over the no charm odds once already lol how are though?
    So I've secured a Sassy Christmas Victini from ~RNC~.

    Would you care for a straight trade between our two Victinis? I can't clone either, so I feel it'd be a fair trade for the both of us, unless of course there's something else you're specifically looking for. If it's an American event, I'll do what I can to get you what you need.
    Oh, that really stinks.

    I've always found her to be reliable for small trades like this. She tends to be fast these days, and accurate with her trades.
    Hi Ginji, I found out that ~RNC~ from Pokecommunity can clone Pokémon. She doesn't have such a Pokémon in her collection (her only current one having poor IV's), so I'm sure she'll be happy to clone the Victini for us.

    She's a generous and very swift trader, so I don't see any problems involved in that.
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