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  • Hi Ginji, long time no speak.

    Do you still have that Christmas Victini I've been after? If you do, I can trade you all three of the Pokémon Bank Unova Starter distributions for it.
    I may be able to do it tomorrow, otherwise you might want to ask someone else to clone this order because my internet at home is down at the moment.
    not a problem :) thank you for our trade and I hope you stop by and post again at my shop real soon ^^
    Hi Ginji, I am acually interested in these 2 events:

    Pokémon Center Tokyo - Closing Commemoration Events:
    -UT Quiet ポッチャマ (Piplup ♂) lv.7 (12/6/2014) OT はままつちょ ID 12074 Good endurance
    -UT Modest ケロマツ (Froakie ♂) lv.7 (12/7/2014) OT はままつちょ ID 12074 Very finicky
    Shiny would be amazing!! Do you have HA?? I'm thinking of getting back into the groove here. ... After 5 years or so
    Good been obsessed with Destiny and got OR for Christmas, was SR'ing for ho oh to be shiny for pre post game but left my game sitting on a shelf for 2 days so I just beat E4 last night, gotta have access to that IV Judge or SR is useless with legends most of the time
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