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  • it's a bit late here but i can do that, lv100 single right?
    i'll be on wi-fi, keep in mind that the link may be a bit unsteady since i'm sitting downstairs instead of behind the computer in my room.
    ginji, i have to go now since it's getting late here, i wish you good luck with getting the rest of the needed battle info of your shiny vaporeon^^

    i'll see you around okay?
    okay, you can make a tread there asking for it, make sure to tell people that the competitive vaporeon info at the competitive area is outdated, else they will mostly give links to that instead.
    believe me the reason i won the second time was just pure luck back then, my aggron was the last of three standing and i had to fight against palmers heartan, i equipped aggron with a quick claw and had the luck being first that round, i did an earthquake and how lucky i could be it was a critical hit, i would be dead if one of those two had failed.
    i'm not an expert on movesets but i see a few good sp attack offensive moves:
    ice beam, shadow ball, and brine.

    acid armor might be usefull too since vaporeon's base defense looks a bit too low to me.

    is it for ingame use or for competitive battling?
    there, i own a legit shaymin in my sig as well, it's not too big and not too small.

    btw, how do you like my previous teamy venusaur?
    have you checked out the ribbons:)
    as far as i know yes, i havn't seen any signatures yet stating that they own a legit shaymin, i guess i'll go with the flow this time, i'll edit my sig a bit.
    thanks again for the trade ginji. you know first you helped me by trading the movie darkrai and now you traded me the movie shaymin, i'm happy that i know somebody like you on the forums^^
    no problem, i'll get them for you, the custap berry that was on the event regigigas is still growing but that one is in bloom right now so it won't take much longer, i'll give that one after it's ready, (around this time tomorrow)

    btw, the shaymin is UT and carries his berry right?
    you got the shaymin? many thanks ginji^^
    do you got something in mind that you would like in exchange maybe?

    at the moment i have these up for grabbs:
    hayley pachirisu.
    hayley pikachu.
    11th movie regigigas <---custap berry is still growing.
    UT shiny regigigas.
    lv100 EV trained venusaur with 33 sinnoh ribbons (former teamy)
    and the two shiny ponyta's.

    btw my mom needs my help all of a sudden, i'll be back in 15 minutes.
    thanks ginji i appreciate it:)
    i can't be online anymore for today because i have one of those nasty timeclocks on my internet that will shut down all of my internet activity any moment now, i have plenty time again tomorrow (it's 21:43pm now)

    i'll see you again okay?
    i know, i've had these tradesites before ginji but the problem is that i don't have enough time lately for arranging those trades:(

    normally i would do this myself.
    well to join another forum where i don't know a single person to search for a shaymin would be nothing for me i'm way too used to this forum if i had to be honest, since you are good at this i was wondering if you could do it for me instead?

    i have a 11th movie regigigas (with holditem custap) and a UT shiny regigigas, if i trade them both to you could you use them to trade a shaymin for me there?
    if you have a regigigas left then you can keep it for your own, you would do me a huge favor with it.
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