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  • don't forget to put the NFT behind it, before you know people are nocking on your door asking for a trade.
    wow, you already were one of the few around with a legit event shaymin and as far as i know you are the only one with a legit shiny shaymin on the entire forums.
    if i was you i would notify this in your sig, it's worth the celebration^^

    i've got to arrange me one of these myself, i'm already falling behind i see:p
    as many as he wants? it might be a legit clone then, as far as i know most events nowadays are obtained with wondercards like the PKTOPIA pikachu and those can only be received once on a D/P game even when the card is deleted, i tried that out myself.
    i'm a bit unsure about this one, i heard stories around the forums that darkrai's can be soft resetted for shinies but i also know that event poke's can be made shiny with a pokeSAV. it's allways a dilemma with shiny events. if i was you i would hold on to this one if it's indeed a soft set shiny then you have something even more rare.
    yeah it's indeed not fair we can all wait untill next year thanks to the hackers:(
    at least we have the underground trading, who needs to post if we have pm right?

    i'll notice it soon enough when you have one ginji, i appreciate it that you want to find one for me^^
    no i'm afraid not ginji, all i know is that shaymin will be tradeable when the event is out in america like what happened with darkrai last year, it's a mayor holdup if you ask me:(
    oh yeah, i almost forgot, here it is:

    (after showing the pictures)
    do you think this could be a real one?

    Sure looks that way
    have you got any idea where they might come from?

    The 11th movie premiere was last week and offered some downloads of Shaymin
    wow, not bad ginji, you really know where to get the good stuff huh?
    if you manage to get another one that you don't need would you consider to trade him with me maybe?

    i will give you something nice in return, if you like i can EV train or i can give you events or shinies, i just got a movie regigigas with it's original holditem for example.
    okay so that chanse is reduced.
    do know that IV's can also be managed with pokeSAV.

    it's a small chanse it's pokeSAV'd but there is still a slight chanse.
    i've send a few pictures of it to serebii, if there is one person who is up to date about this then it's him.
    I tested it on PBR and it didn't turn into bad egg, so its really legit
    very nice, who gave you this?
    wow you are a very lucky person ginji, the OT really looks like the OT of the darkrai so it's clearly a movie event.
    you got a pre release shaymin ginji?
    i thought there wern't any shaymins out yet, how can that be?
    it was great ginji thanks for asking^^
    i still have a coconut left from then that needs to be opened:p
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