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  • that's obvious^_^
    but is the battonage darkrai only able on pokemon battonage itself or can it be transferred to D/P so it can be catched or something?
    thanks for offering but i already arranged myself one alamos darkrai at skittyonwailord,
    i heard there are other darkrai's too, a battonage darkrai or something, do you know anything about that one maybe?

    btw, i have to go, it's getting late:(
    hey ginji:)
    i was just a bit curious if you have made some good trades recently?

    you know we shoud trade again sometime, i have lots of new goods that you might like:)

    hey, i'll see you around okay?
    8 Shinies :O
    Good job chaining something quite difficult! I've just got a Skarmory chain to 40 whilst catching normal ones to try and get some with decent IVs ^_^'
    No Shinies yet, but i'm going to go and reset for some now ~
    Everyone seems to be playing PMD2, I gather the game is pretty good?

    Hmm, what about Wooper? They're one of those apparently obscure ones that you don't see many people chaining. Or, if you're feeling lucky, try Sunkern in their tiny patch of grass on route 204-north :p
    It would be quite an achievement if someone was able to get to 40 there, or even find an early Shiny ^^
    Heya Ginji ^_^
    Chaining's kind of slow, compared to how much I used to do at least xP
    All I've caught recently is 8 Wobbuffet, and 2 Skitty(I screwed up on the Skitty chain x_x).

    Have you had any good luck with the Shiny hunts? :)
    Hi Ginji, thanks for your help on getting Rhyperior recruited in PMD2. I now have one thanks to my Rock Horn. see ya around!
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