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  • Sure i'll do that for you. I'll be on for a few hours tonight, otherwise we can do it tomorrow.
    And that's the Christmas Victini that you mentioned, right? If so, that's a Jolly nature with spreads in Attack and Speed... And perfect for my team.

    I'll check your thread for our trade again to see what I need. You still have my Jirachi, right?

    In other news, I obtained another 3DS today. So, I'll be able to clone once again... So I've got that end covered.
    Are these okay?:
    -UT Adamant Shiny Metagross lv.45 (5/26/2013) OT Ray ID 05113 w/Lum Berry [German]
    JP E-Card Events:
    -UT Mild Mareep lv.37 (8/25/07) ID 08756
    -UT Hasty Scizor lv.50 (8/25/07) ID 08756
    -UT Naive Flareon lv.10 w/guts (Global Link [KOR])

    Also, out of curiosity, would you happen to have any Film 11 Shaymins that have the GER tag in XY?
    Hey, have you managed to get your Pokemon cloned?

    Just let me know at any time when you're ready to get our trade done. I get off *relatively* early tomorrow, and I don't have a pressing need to get the Pokemon in my party cloned... so no pressure. Whenever you've got time on your hands, just let me know. :)
    Sorry for not responding, but they're ready. I'm also available sometime during the weekdays, around when we usually trade. I also got these 4 if you're interested:

    Summer 2014 Gamescom Vivillon FRE ÉTÉ 2014 08134 Careful Highly curious Gen. 6 Date: 8/30/2014; Poke Ball Pattern
    Wishing Star Jirachi KOR 소원의별 08144 Quirky Likes to relax Gen. 6 Date: 8/27/2014
    Minato Mirai ♥♥Pika♥♥ Pikachu JPN みなとみらい 08094 Bold Likes to relax Gen. 6 Date: 8/14/2014; Event name ♥♥ピカ♥♥
    Minato Mirai Landmark Tower Pikachu JPN みなとみらい 08094 Impish Good perseverance Gen. 6 Date: 8/13/2014; Event name ランドマーク

    I can probably get them ready before we trade again. Thanks!
    It's fine. I'm going to be busy for the rest of the week, but I'll be available on the weekend?
    If you can't find the proof it's okay :p. Why do you need another copy of those 2? If you just misplaced them, I can clone them again for you.
    Thanks for the trades! If you could PM me the Dragonite's proof, that would really be appreciated.
    I've got your Pokemon for later on tonight. Just let me know what times you're available this week so that I can catch you at a more convenient time.

    (I'm Pacific Standard Time, GMT-8. I'm on mostly in the evenings and at night.)
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