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  • I was too caught up with the story this morning that I wasn't paying attention so I lost my wallet. :/ hahah
    I will write a lengthier review soon.
    My favorite part is when they are all getting ready for the Announcement. I live how you cross canon stuff am actually know lesser Team Rocket members from magna, anime, and games.
    That's great! Looking forward to reading.

    Yeah it's no problem. The site is being slow on updates, do once w have everything up I will let you know.

    ....yep. :p that was easy enouth :U
    Riku's a boy. And he's a very hot boy at that. :p Even if he's younger than me...(but its a video game character so i think its okay)

    I tend to seem younger. I'm not the most mature for my age lol But I try to be optimistic about things^^
    I insisted on being called Misa irl since I was 3. XD I dunno why. Melissa's my birth name by the way. Yep, i'm the queen of having nicknames...:p

    LOL! My brother told me theres a my little pony ep making fun of the end of the world issue coming up this saterday XD bwaha. genious XD
    My offline nickname is Misa, by the way. Online, though, I prefer...Missy.... :) A good friend of mine came up from it and I think it suits me well. XD It's all lady like and cutesy lol
    I'm 22, you can call me "Missy", I guess, other friends of mine online call me that. :3 I rather not say where I live---But maybe it could be with Riku xD; From Kingdom Hearts. In my daydreams, anyways...xD;
    I'm going to be honist here; Ew~

    Yeah, eat an apple. XD Or a bowl of strawberry. Whatever you prefer~I'm eating an apple right now^^ Mcintosh, by the way. I love those ^_^
    I don't like chocolate anymore. Mangos and strawberries are tastier. :3 And better for you too.

    Milk chocolate, ammirite?...cuz, yeah, that can be heck for the brain cells, i'm sure D:

    See what kinds of fruits and veggies (if you'll eat veggies, of course) you have in your current area xD; You'll thank me later i'm sure :3

    Healthy eating forever :)
    Try eating an apple! Healthy food can help you concentrate! (i don't even need my ritalin anymore cuz I try to never eat sugary stuff ever XD i love fruits and veggies ;3)
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