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  • Hey! Could you read and review my fanfic "Code Lyoko: The Rewrite" in the Non-Pokemon Fics forum? I really need a critique from a good reviewer like you.
    Yo, buddy! Check out chapter one of Pokemon Adventures: Diamond & Pearl in the fanfiction forums.
    Sorry. I just wanted to know how you were doing.

    P.S. I'm going to Oregon tomorrow for vacation.
    Don't worry too much. I just want to know that more than one person likes to at least write a, "Good job, keep it up." :D

    And I hope you don't stop reading...
    After commenting once on my Digimon fic, I didn't hear back from you after I updated. If you're still interested then the newest chapter was put up a few days ago and I'd love to hear your feedback. :)
    Well, good luck! I'll be sure to comment and review when I come back to the site!

    And wow, look at all these visitor messages from me o_O
    I'm Tryyyyyyyying... I'm checking this right after I finished writing for the night, and am planning to release my first chapter to the world after I've finished at least five- this way, I can work ahead and fill in certain plot holes before I publish certain parts of a story. Plus, it gives me enough of a head start that there will still be a few chapters left to publish even after I inevitably stop being inspired to write- as a safety net, I'll publish the last few and pray that I get a few comments that throw me back in the game. I've finished 1.5 so far...

    ...Of course, I'm debating whether I should get back into this forum, period. Probably would be beneficial, though it is another password/update to remember... T.T
    *eye roll* Looks like I haven't been around to see it. A shame for both of us :p Anyway, I should probably get back to writing meeself... *Opens Word Document*
    Heheheheheh. I'll probably be back around eventually. In an effort to spread my trashy stuff all around, I'll repost here and pray I get more responses :p

    If/when that does happen, I'll probably post around the fics section again. That means YOU should keep writing as well. You know, good luck with continuing Delta Species and whatnot :D

    (Looking back at my comments on your fic, though, wow- I was more naive than I am now. ...I THINK I fixed that problem...)
    Well, it's not that I lost interest in the story, it's that I've stopped coming to the site altogether >.> For some reason, I stopped writing my own fanfiction, and there went the whole reason for me to keep coming back.

    I might return eventually, once I get this new fiction idea underway, but until then I have little reason to keep returning. I'll still take a look at the story, though. Hopefully, I'll get a PM to you very soon.
    Major part? What major part? Silver steals pokemon- the end. Ok maybe, Silver steals pokemon, you poorly describe a pokemon battle, some bad interaction. End chapter. This could have easily just been added onto the first chapter and none would have been the wiser tbh.
    Re-read what I said and maybe you'll get what I mean by my sarcasm about a major plot point. IE a badly written chapter about an act that was badly done in most ways. Then added onto this was a second chapter done just as badly.

    And to be honest if the kid thinks Silver meeting Gold AND obtaining/stealing his starter pokemon are major plot points then I really doubt there's going to be anything better than that atm.
    I think I was reviewed by this person o_O not sure.

    was so long ago and deleted the humerous emails they sent me >.>
    I have the greatest weapon ever, and I am not afraid to use it!!!
    O RLY?

    You do know I'm a masochist, right? ;D


    Oh wait. That's Asty. Crap.
    =D *licks your head*

    And before we break into the sexual innuendos (which reminds me that I need to reply to Asty's VMs)... *wanders over to see the review response*
    Nope. I are a zombie! Rawr, braaaains. *nom!*

    Seriously, though, by some miracle. And I managed to post a review for Delta Species over at the BBS, although now I need to review the latest chapter. After I finish with a review request over here. XD;
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