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  • Exactly. But you don't have to lob meat every turn. :3

    And there aren't skill points. Each monster gets certain skills, and they pass it on to their offspring.
    That's fine, I don't care about a few grammar/spelling mistakes. XD

    Scouting is done a bit differently in 2. You give the opponent meat (they vary in quality and price) and they'll want to join you more. You still have a small chance of recruiting them even if you don't give them meat, when you kill them. You can choose whether you want to keep them or not.
    XD Annoying buggers, aren't they?

    By the way, I want to know to see if you will like DQMII: What's some of your favorite aspects of Joker?
    Um, the Argon Lizard will be able to learn Healing attacks, won't it?

    Also, try waiting until night, then grabbing something. If you have plenty of patience, there's a huge bone dragon which you have about a 2% chance of recruiting.
    You can just get the second. It's called Dragon Quest: Monsters II, Tara's Quest. Or Cobi's quest, they're scarcely different. Trust me, it's fantastic.

    btw, what's your Joker team?

    Do you have a gameboy SP/Colour/Advance? Please tell me you do. Because Joker is inferior to it's prequels and it's prequels are amazing, trust me.
    Mmm, interesting.

    This is a totally random note, but have you played any sort of Dragon Quest game?
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