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  • No problemo, senorita.

    It just seemed to stick out because of your name (legendary), your avatar (different legendary), and your user title (no grammar thar.)

    Excuse my ramblings please.
    Oh right (Does not know what Marriland Oekaki is)

    Yeah that rotom is proper psycho! For some reason I just keep staring at it lol.

    Anyway, I must go now. It's 2:00am and I have a Graphics exam in 12 hours! >_<; See ya later! :)
    Aww she's cute!!! You're good with MS paint by the looks of it! (That was drawn in paint right?)

    Personally, I fail at MS paint. I think I'll stick to paper ^^;
    Trust me, you'd be suprised how hard it actually is! Reason: I have the attention span of a SPANNER, so I'm likely to get bored or something and start to doodle. XD

    Meh, I'll probably name it after a MUSE song or something like that...
    I'll be looking forward to reading it. (hehe, I'm a sucker for anything Cyrus related)

    I'm also going to start a Fan Fic over the summer. It's going to be about how and why Saturn (GASP! not Cyrus?!) joined Team G. I have no idea what to call it, let alone how I should start the darn fic...oh well, I'll think of it eventually. >_>
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