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  • d00d ur liek so leet, those ppl in competitave battlin dont know what theyr tlalking bout its abot time somone tld thm off. let's be frends k?
    So, you're going to report me for spam/harassment. I'll have you know all I was doing was advising you on your exceedingly poor move choice of Hyper Beam, which gives your opponent one whole free turn to switch, set up, or destroy you outright. And there happens to be a whole section of the forums dedicated to this kind of advice: Rate My Team. You should be quite familiar with it, considering the amount of trolling you do there.

    Also, I don't think anyone's going to report me for spamming. As you oh-so-kindly shoved in my face, I have no posts on Serebii Forums. Zilch.

    In fact, if you want to prove your non-existent worth, then you can accept DryBones' challenge. He may have won already, however, if the Uber Clause is activated. As for me, I'm going to continue planning my team. Obviously it's not apparent to you, but some people actually don't just throw together a bunch of Ubers because they looked cool in the anime.

    Have a nice loss.
    Registeel is not Uber! He is UnderUsed!
    Do you have ShoddyBattle!
    I can own you there!

    Stay off CRMT and go to Misc!
    Or read about competitive battling then come back!
    oh hai, somebody made an RMT and SPECIFICALLY requested you rate it, but it's been bumped down a bit. Why not at least make there day and comment on it.


    I'm sure he'd appreciate it

    Minor Edit: I'm not entirely sure the link works, but if you just scroll down a bit in the RMT forum, you should find a thread with your name in it.
    Not only do you not have any knowledge in OU competitively battling, but your recent post proves you even don't have knowledge in Uber competitively battling. Really Hyper Beam and Roar of Time on a Dialga. Please take a lot of time to learn more about competitive battling because you're wasting people's time with your insufficient advice.
    I may be really new to the forums, but at least I have enough sense to know that Hyper Beam leaves you wide open for the opponent to switch/set up. The only Pokemon I could possibly see myself teaching Hyper Beam to would be Porygon-Z because of Adaptability. And even then, I think it's mediocre at best.

    Any battler who actually takes themselves seriously can rip apart this guy's Ubers with a Standard team. His Hyper Beam abuse is begging for a set-up and sweep. Not to mention Chilan berries make Hyper Beam look even more ridiculous. Seriously, 'Giratinamaster,' you need to read this.
    What the **** are you talkin' about. Pokemon Blue is generation 1. FireRed/LeafGreen/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald are Generation 3. Hyper beam makes you go on a recharge turn so that whoever switches in KILLS YOUR FREAKING GIRATINA RIGHT OFF TO THE BUM. Also, Shadow Force does not affect Normal-Arceus, stupid.

    Also, all of us competitive battlers go to Smogon. Only noobfaces like you go to Marrilland, and I beated Marrilland on Shoddy.

    Also, I don't use Sheer Cold, there is a clause called ONE FREAKING HIT KNOCK OUT CLAUSE which prevents you from using moves like Horn Drill. Idiot.

    Also, if you use Shadow Force and Hyper Beam, I could just use moves like Swords Dance on you while you are recharging Hyper Beam and while you are invisible with Shadow Force, then KO you. DIAF you idiot. You should study on Smoron.
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