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  • Looks like we got some serious connection problem from my end! It just keeps saying you're talking to me, but nothing happens o_O

    COming ack now! :)
    Well, I am ready right now (nice timing by the way :p), so I guess I can just head to the wifi room right now?
    Just add 9h to your current time, and you get mine :) (timezones are too complicated imo, what with daylight saving times, etc...). For example, your last VM was sent at 1.30PM right? :p
    Ah ah, it'll be a bit too late for me xD Maybe very early (or late for you :p) tomorrow would be ok?
    Well, I also need its evolution, so I really don't know :p
    I don't mind one of any level, as long as I can make it evolve normally. You don't need to go through the process of breeding one :)
    Hello! I'm looking for a Glameow, would you happen to have one? I figured I should ask, since you've already completed your Pokédex ;)
    The problem is, I won't be online when you get back home (different timezones), so maybe we could do that tomorrow? In the mean time, you can try to think of a Pokémon you need?
    Hey, I'm looking for a Lopunny (for the dex entry only), would you happen to have one?
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