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  • I think the Vivillon is somehow tied to Pokémon Centers. So maybe when the online Pokémon Center launches for the US, then maybe we'll see a Wi-Fi Pokéball Vivillon distribution.. Of course, I'd really love if they could distribute the shiny Jirachi internationally.
    I'm sure we'll get it sometime before September if they plan to have the Diamond Storm competition go international. Otherwise how would the expect non-Japanese players to have Diancie in their team?
    Ah, I've had those sorts of times, especially when I got Super Mario 3D World for Christmas.
    I'm fine. I've just been looking at some stuff about Diancie, since it's supposedly available in Japan now.
    I'm slowly replaying Pearl. Training is such a pain in that game xD
    I beat 3 Gyms, and on the 4th
    Honestly, Hoenn isn't a region I really like. I'm a huge Sinnoh person. But, I'm excited to see Hoenn getting new graphics. :)
    I did and I was disappointed :(
    They should of shown more at least....
    My Raichu was the champion at Contests ^.^
    Me too. These games have so much potential to bring back a lot of old features!~
    Sky battles would be a nice option too. They'd probably be plagued by Mega Aerodactyl everywhere, but inverse battles are likely to be plagued by Mega Kangaskhan.
    Me too. Amie was such a cute feature! :D
    I'm also hoping for the Battle Frontier. The same faculties from 4th gen, or new ones! :D
    Ans please bring back those amazing Contests! ^.^
    I'm guessing it is probably the same mindtrack of Black and Reshiram & White and Zekrom.
    I wish they put Latios in AS, that would make my day! :)
    Latios is my favorite legendary, so I'm just glad he has a Mega.
    It would have been even better if they were an available option for multiplayer battles. And maybe you should consider something that resists Rock, like Metagross.
    I'm leaning towards AS, but what is killing me is Latios. If the Latios stone is in OR, I will be tempted to get that game. But, the sapphire is my birthstone and I like Kyogre better :p
    I'm pumped too! Finally get to play some Hoenn again! :)
    I'm choosing Treeko, even though Mudkip is my favorite 3rd gen starter.mi have trained too many Mudkips ^.^'
    Which version do you plan to get?
    Same here! I actually liked all the water, my favorite Type would be either Electric, Flying, Fire, Grass, ah pretty much all of them.
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