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  • I am not sure if this matters to you but in your FAQ you haven't mentioned Thunderstone's location or the shibi line in the "Where can I find ____ stone to evolve my ____"
    I won't say I was an active editor...only those of the PokeSpecial entries perhaps XD

    Let's just say I was running around Pokemon communities of different languages. If you found me missing in the English-speaking ones, I might be active in the Chinese and/or Japanese circle. Just depends on which appeals more to me.

    Plus Pokemon is not my only addiction...I'm often distracted by other Anime/Manga XD

    Enough excuses. Since I don't have many real-life active competitive-battling friends right now, it's safe to say that I'm gonna stay in the English community for a while. But then, I'm just a passerby with a sarcastic tendency. XD
    I think I remember you from Bulbapedia.

    You've been a pretty active editor several years ago and you just mysteriously disappeared one day.

    What happened to you?
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