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  • It is important to lead by example. Unfortunately the concept is way above the heads of most serebii users, judging from all the accusations of jealousy.

    Can I get an invite to the forum you set up? I am kind of curious, a lot of people say this place sucks, but I don't know of anyone actually doing something about it.
    Was about to start, but need to sort out who live sin the US and still comes on here first.


    Hope you have a good one.

    I do not :( Although it has Paul Rudd as a writer, so it must be good.

    It is fine. I barely do much here since I am busy with school as well.
    You having fun with that?

    Btw, I posted a picture of me if you ever wondered what I look like.

    Well I saw he was threatening to do some big spam attack on saturday night. I read the chatlog between ghostanime and xenu. At this point I think nd should stand for neverending drama instead of neo duality.
    yeah I haven't been paying attention. srry

    EDIT: I guess ND went to town on serebii sometime over the weekend. I wasn't really on.
    but think of the booze :(

    You don't have to worry about your misogynist society when you're plastered! :D
    I think I missed my era. I should've been in the advertising market in the 60s. It'd be like bewitched, and I could have three martini lunch every day.
    Obviously not.
    Madam, are you implying that it is not possible to brush teeth on a roof?

    Also, I saw my mother had rented a season of Madmen the other day. I instantly thought of your Madmen joke thread. gg
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