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  • Wow, first eevee I breed off has 6 flawless IV's, hidden ability, adamant nature, and is shiny. I think I have myself a leafeon for my NU team now.
    Well, I have two of them ready. Managed to acquire a female swift swim poliwag and a female larvitar. Vulpix is being annoying though, will probably take another 10mins to hatch one.
    That would be really nice of you :D Ill add you as a friend and when pokemon bank comes out I can repay you as all my stuffs in soul silver :S
    No worries, I'll be using it for breeding purposes only, as stated before. Also, all the pokemon involved in the trade will be of a modest nature (as I've been re-bounding them off an everstone ditto). Give me half an hour, and I should have a few draught vulpix/swift swim poliwags ready.
    I'd rather just take the female, as with eevee's gender ratio there'd be an 8-1 failure rate for eggs. Hell, if I pushed I could even quickly breed off a HA vulpix or poliwag that you're also searching for.
    The little thing that turns into volcarona? I just started breeding them. If you wanted an egg, I'd be more than happy to do that for the eevee.
    I have one, however I usually like doing trades using things of similar value, ie: items for items, HA pokemon for HA pokemon.
    Is there any way I could get a female HA eevee? Been looking to breed off one for my NU team, using a male/flawless one that has run away. If you want, I could give you a HA venipede.

    Just saw your post in the trade forum, and I basically wanted to ask if you have the time to trade back and forth a few pokemon with me in order for them to evolve.

    Hi I'm kind of interested in your shiny deoxys is it LEGIT non hacked has it been Pokechecked? Or did you catch it yourself on the gen3 event via live event and not gameshark
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