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  • Hi there! How are you?
    Two weeks ago this website lost a lot of data and we lost lots of messages...
    I Hope you are doing well!
    helooooooooo Coral! :O
    corsets! oh my! that's one of the reasons I became goth, because girls look nice wearing them *blushes*... times are different now, here their selection is poor :S I'm old moderate now too.. however, I try to dress totally black :D oh! no problem! but thanks... just be careful because pinks don't always match with other colours and you don't want to blame yourself later because your furniture doesn't match with the walls :S lol
    Thank you! :D dedication is the key!... btw my best best best wishes to you! I also hope that future comes faster than what you expect :)
    eww! undercooked angel hair! that's bad! ... bruschetta chicken pasta..mmm ... did you read my mind? I love it too! (and know I'm hungry)... eat everything but with moderation, that's the best diet :p
    thanks :) XY (IMO) is better than BW and probably AG, Ash looks less childish and (I hope) Serena "catches" him :) this saga will probably change the whole future of the anime... Ash can leave with Serena to "settle down" and I wouldn't feel sad, what do you think?
    yep! you are rights, breaks help to avoid "homework dementia" @_@
    Lucky you! family from Canada! you are double lucky then! lol. Keep in touch and take care :)
    It really is, usually I've been playing the Super Smash Bros 3DS demo to learn the controls and Fire Emblem Awakening. I've had my glasses since I was...9 I think? I remember when I got them at first I hated them, but now I've adjusted to them like second nature. XD

    Thanks, hope you've got a great Monday as well!
    Really? That's interesting to know, really. It's so fun to relax after a long week of school haha. Yeah, I get those too and they're just terrible.

    No problem, thanks for accepting. :)
    Hi Coral!
    yes! we have one store here downtown! really nice clothes! but they have a huge variety of clothes... from normal to dark! tbh I don't shop in those stores because I'm more underground (I'm a quasi metalhead now, but I was goth before) but that store always had nice stuff :) ...No, no more, that was some years ago and got into "dark" stuff (you know what I mean) now I'm more moderate but I still miss those times :( ... are you goiunt to paint your walls coral Coral? hehe, well, I guess it suits you!
    Thank you! It's a long way getting 3000 certifications (well, not that many). Don't you dance now?
    wow! I find angel hair pasta hard to eat if not prepared properly, that place must be great! My favourite restaurant? Probably Fridays, I went to the one at Niagara Falls but back in my country I was used to go on Saturday night and have drinks and appetizers. But now, I don't really have a favourite one, I can eat everything :p
    I feel ashamed now, I don't own a 3DS, but once I own one I'll buy RAS and X/Y for sure! For now I only watch the anime.
    I haven't finished yet, tbh I take many breaks to avoid stress :S
    Your welcome! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Have a happy Monday too! lol, I will! :)
    I'd probably say Greninja is close to Fox, because they're both fast characters who have some pretty quick attacks. Their up and side specials are also kinda similar.
    No worries. My weekend is pretty much the same routine, wake up late, do morning stuff, play video games, take breaks, etc. How about yours?
    It was released yesterday about 12 hours before my last VM to you.

    Haha that's cool. I don't really ship anybody though. So I guess May is one of your favorite characters?

    That's great! This forum is either really cool or really awful depending on who you ask lol.
    Well, you knew it! Pictures make any room look alive! Hold on a second... did you say vampire? hehe... I had my "dark" phase years ago too, even my room walls were black!
    Lol, no pizza this weekend, I decided to eat healthy because I plan to take soccer coaching courses soon and I want to be fit to do it :p
    Lucky you! (did you eat junk food? that's good news, lol) It seems you love Olive Garden but we don't have it here in Canada :(
    Five cheese sauce? Oh my! that's a lot... and you have enough room for a second bowl? o_O I don't blame you for not fitting more! lol
    Hehe, you are right about doctors, it's hard to find a good one... better play the lottery.
    well... let's wait a couple of years for a better variety of games, I guess you are going to buy ORAS, right?
    My weekend is good and bad, everything is ok but I have a lot of homework...
    It was great talking to you again. Have a good weekend! :) (well, a good meal like the one you had makes any weekend good!)
    would have been great if i found it in time for smash bros, but i guess that just couldn't happen ;_;

    yeah i don't really care much for the xy cast atm. ash is a little better than he was in bw, clemont is cool, bonnie is okay and serena is just kind of boring imo. steven stone is cool

    hah okay. people are mostly chill in visitor messages but the forum itself can get kind of... crazy. it is one of the most active pokemon forums after all. took me a while to get used to the place when i was new ^^;
    My day was good, thanks for asking! :) ...two quizzes and I'm still alive, lol. How was your day? :) sorry to hear that... but you know what? one day I went to this daycare running in a basement, and the kids there covered the walls and windows with "spring" themes and the place always look radiant and with energy (of course I won't tell you to paint your room's walls, your parents will get mad, lol) but some (or many) nice pictures will make your room look nicer.
    I Agree 1000000% junk food is necessary, at least once a week! :p (you made me hungry now! pizza time!!)
    I hope so, well, getting a new good doctor is a gamble, but I'll probably change him after moving out of the city.
    You will :) (and probably you'll still play pokemon, lol)...there are lots of good games in 3ds to train your brain (and they are not boring like chess! lol)
    See ya! :)
    Awesome. I'm looking forward to the 3ds version since it has The Unova Pokemon League and N's castle in it.
    Awesome me too, though gen. 4 and 5 are probably my favorites.
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