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  • Wow. Wcs Milotic is like my favorite event! =] I haven't got one though. Do you mean the hack check thread, or some other hack checker?

    I've been good, thx! I'm kinda overrun with ppl wanting jirachis, but I guess thats not a bad thing.
    I actally haven't done anything with it yet, so it's still the same as when you traded it to me. I decided not to use it in a competetive team. It just didn't fit right.

    Its been a while. How've you been?
    okay thanks. i don't accept shiny events (unless theyre meant to be like the RUBY/SAPPHIRE zigzagoon) so thats okay
    It is a full list of events. If a pokemon event can be shiny, it has a "*can be shiny" under it
    They're wrong, and the only reason they have those there is so the Trade Shops can continue trading shiny events. It wasn't that long ago that shiny events were banned at PokeCommunity, but those people trading hacked shiny events seemed to gain a lot of influence recently.

    You can read about why 4th gen events can't be shiny over here
    Hey, thx again for the pichu earlier. I've decided to play with it some, and if I can train it right, maybe use it competetively if i can come up with a good plan for it. if you ever need anything else, let me know!
    this is my profile, post what you want (dont be rude please)

    every one have a great time and happy pokéhunting
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