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  • Ya I don't see why not even RNG'ing for one shiny is fine as long as you mention it was RNG'ed you know ? It's just like whatever lol I just dislike when people go on the forums and act like it's the best thing around.
    Thanks for the help Gligari! I never knew of this function, and only learning of it today makes me feel like an idiot. Well, at least I don't have to pay attention to the numbers anymore.
    I gathered 450 eggs yesterday and hatching them today. If I dont get it in the last 90 eggs (which is what I havent hatched yet), I am going to collect more tomorrow and try again on Thursday. =/
    Oh now I see what is going on. Well I rather not get involved but what an ******* -__- I guess I won't be joining that site, shiny weekenders or not.
    Yeah. Thats true. Just wait... You are going to get lucky and get yours in like 15 more eggs and I am going to have to do another 1,000! :(
    Uh....Dude. I think Zabi was being SARCASTIC with that PM. Because you won't just accept your ban and leave him alone. You WERE insulting and annoying in at least two posts I saw. Just move on. Find a better way to waste your time. Continuing to act like you are over this is just making you look bad. And trust me buddy, I've seen the Gen V shiny thread and you don't look that great to begin with.
    Heres my mother****ing proof zabi I dont care what you said if it was sarcasm you said it and i have it recorded know.

    Ya obviousily no you were mad because I must have insulted you on this forum but only the mods know my password so you could have easily broken in and said some random crap somewhere. Because before i was banned my last post count was 3 and you said 5 which means there was 2 posts unacounted for.
    I just told you. I framed you. :)

    Bye bye. Welcome to my ignore list.
    Ya because you framed me.
    Yes, I certainly did frame you. I just couldn't have you on my forum anymore. You were just way to popular to be on my forum. I had to get rid of you, and I had to have a reason.

    So I made up one! ITS THE PERFECT PLAN. And now, I win.
    Delete this ZABI
    Ya man I am sorry about all the trouble you have been getting. I noticed you've been helping alot of people though and I admire ya for it. I wouldn't give to rat shits if the people in the other forums were giving ya a hard time because you're appreciated here.

    Thanks for the backup on the 5th Gen forum I just spoke my mind lightly it didn't seem to get too bad however. Nothing as bad as A d v e n t being around lol.

    One more thing, what's you're personal idea about me deleting my file with Spikey Ear Pichu ? Do you think it's anything that I should hold onto ? I think a shiny in the end will be worth it, one I can show off on B/W and put into good use.
    Out of curiosity why would you delete the shiny hunter link in someone's profile but not the one in the entire 5th gen thread? Just seems a bit odd, when that one would be the one to get more views. If you have/had an issue with Advent why not just take it up in profiles and report him if he does anything spammy or worth an infraction?
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