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Last Activity:
May 31, 2017
Apr 28, 2008
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Well-Known Member, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

gliscor&yanmega was last seen:
May 31, 2017
    1. Canada
      Come back.

      also wtf how did you get the Beginning Trainer userbar with over 5000 posts?
    2. WaterShuriken
      What happened on the moderation thing?
    3. OshyHikari
      I'll miss your modship dude.
    4. Dragalge
      Strange your not a mod anymore? Been busy?
    5. Räven Velish
      Räven Velish
      Hmm... congrats on the promotion!
    6. i2i
      A little late but would like to say congratulations of being Promoted to Staff.
    7. Pokemon1998Ash
      I know Right Bro
      I be watching Youtube Videoes. And some people are bashing Generation 6. My thing is Nobody is forcing you to play it. Let the other Fans enjoy the Game. :)

      The Reason Why I mentioned the Basilisk was because its a Serpent and its A European Legend.

      You have a thing for Werewolf's. I have a Thing for Snakes and Serpents. Speaking of Snakes I want another one this Generation. :P

      It was Nice talking to you Bro and Congratulations on being Promoted to a SPPF STAFF Member. :)
    8. Pokemon1998Ash
      Im Glad to Hear that Your not one of those Bashing Gen 5 cause alot of people do.

      Bro you going to think Im weird for this
      But one Pokemon I want is a Basilisk.
      You seen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The Serpent he was Fighting. It fits Perfect since the Basilisk is Known in Europe as a Legend. I decided to let you know before I post it on the X and Y Dex Speculation.
      Consider yourself Special. :P
    9. Pokemon1998Ash
      Your Right Bro
      They did Balance out the Dex. All Im just saying was that Unova and Sinnoh had too many Legendaries.
      Sinnoh had 14 Legendaries while Unova has 13 Legendaries. All hoping for is they keep the Legendaries to a Limit.

      How Do You Feel About Gen 5 Bro?
    10. Pokemon1998Ash
      Yeah I agree with you Bro
      Most of theses Rumors are Fake and never Comes True.
      I Hope that we get at least 8 Legendaries. I thought that Sinnoh and Unova had way too many. :)
    11. Pokemon1998Ash
      I Think thats what going to Happen. As October moves Closer they will Reveal more Pokemon that will be related to the Next Movie after the Genesect Movie. :)
      Yeah Thats a Pokemon I hope we get this Generation.

      You heard the latest Rumor on 4Chan.
      That there will be a Total of 6 Legendaries. The Other Legendaries will be a Cobra,Tiger,T-Rex, and a Peacock.
    12. Pokemon1998Ash
      Nice to meet you Taylor. :)

      Oh Figured it out when you stated that you Wanted a Werewolf to take the Place as the Next Lucario/Zoroark of Gen 6. :P
      Im still hoping for a Pokemon like that this Gen. After all why break a Tradition especially how popular Lucario and Zoroark has become.
      When you look at Manectric's Face you could see that it Resembles a Werewolf.
      Yeah Im pretty sure they are going to release other Canidae Pokemon this Gen. It would be Pretty Cool to have a Canidae Team. :)
      My Favorite out of the 3 is Chespin. It looks Cool and its Evolution has so much Potential. :)

      Your not the only one who wants to play the New Game. As much as I love Gen 5 I wish October would Hurry Up. The Design is Amazing I hope we get Something like this. Who knows maybe the Artist Stoled the Image from Nintendo/GF. :P
    13. Pokemon1998Ash
    14. Pokemon1998Ash
      Im doing Great thanks for asking.
      My name is Devin. :)

      I See that you have a thing for Wolves in the X and Y Speculation. :)
    15. Pokemon1998Ash
      Hey Bro
      How's it Going? :)
    16. Locormus
      What's up G&Y!

      Late congrats on the mod-up, and as such, I have an appeal for the spoilers section I want to put forth. I know that the sheer amount of titles that have surfaced (8) makes keeping the latter 3 bundled a lot easier, but I've noticed that the arguments stay at the same level, and not at the level of each individual episode. So yeah, I just wondered if it wouldn't be better suited for the sake of discussion to give each of those three titles their independent thread as well? In that sense, the subject matter of each individual episode can be discussed, rather bit more indepth.

      Just a thought,

    17. kuzronk
      Well done.
    18. Richtofen
      Omg thats it i am leaving have fun with an empty forum
    19. Richtofen
      Omg why the f*ck did u close my thread cant u take a joke u f*cking geek. Open my f*cking thread and get rid of that n*gger infraction or i will leave this forum forever u nerd!!!!!!!!!!1 Have fun with this sh*t site if everyone is f*ckng inactive lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    20. Shiro136
      Alright then, thanks.
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