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  • Meh, sorry. Broken computers are no fun. Which is why I have my PSP as backup when that happens. A lot of games, cellphones, etc. are able to get on the internet these days...

    Yeah it does, unfortunately. Hang in there, though, it gets better. :) And if you're serious about a computer, just try and save up a bit of money and get a used one. They're generally pretty reasonable if you find a good one, a fraction of the price of a new one.
    We'll just go in together then, won't we? XD

    Thanks. :) I've got a few left still, but getting there...can't let all your new reviewers forget who was there first, can I?
    lol Only I know how to do that. With my nominations of horror.

    I saw, yeah I'll get you a review ASAP. Haven't had a whole lot of free time lately, and I'm behind big time unfortunately.
    XD A lot of people are saying that. But even if you only nominate one fic that's okay. Especially if your votes is what makes the difference between it being nominated or not.
    I know. Four months...wow.

    Great, looking forward to it. You been working on your fic nominations?
    :) It hasn't been that long...?

    Ah, I wouldn't worry too much. Just go with it and you'll be fine. Don't you just love general advice?
    Ah, don't worry too much. My chapter's usually are weeks if not a month apart.

    Heh. That's fine too; don't want a badly finished chapter either.
    Really? Hey, that's cool. It's been a while.

    And don't worry. Long chapters generally are good chapters IMO.
    Nice. :)

    My laptop power cord got sliced, so I probably will be inactive until I get a new one (or my battery runs out). Take up the slack for me. XD
    Be lazy. :p

    It is fun, I've got to say. My new record is 70, but yow that's hard to go that fast. It's so much easier to type in nonsense, but...

    Yeah? Being tired sucks, although I've found there are surprisingly a lot of ways to wake up quick. XD
    Yeah. I never had any problems, though. XD

    No, it's a Yahoo Widget called the Typing Speedometer. Very cool.

    Yeah? I've been pretty busy lately as well. Not to mention tired. XD
    Yeah you have. Summer does that to people, though. XD

    I just spent the past few minutes typing into a word counter. Best I got was 65 words a minute. And I still can't quit typing fast. XD

    Been having a good summer, though?
    Oh yeah. XD

    Say what? There are rumors that I have superpowers? How did it get out? *prepares my supahpowaz*

    Oh. XD Well, at least they'll be gone soon, then. :)
    Well that makes two of us. Since I am done as well. Finally!

    Hmm... your sig? I actually like it a lot. Which reminds me. I probably get around to making that new sig for myself. Oh well, I've got all summer.
    Because. The forums hate you. Like they hate everyone. XD

    Actually, I'm close now. And please. I don't review every fic I come across. People just started asking me to review their fics, I came across some good ones, and I started reviewing the people who review me (for the most part). Which quickly equaled...almost every fic on the forum. =P

    And metal bars on your arms, huh? I've got so many comebacks to that...XD. I'll just ask, though. Metal bars?
    Yeah. XD

    *pretends to not have read that*

    Yeah, it's no good at all. It wasn't helped by my laziness either, I wouldn't think. XD

    Heh, yeah? Well, I started the other day...and totally forgot about the two reviews I was going to do today. x_x
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