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  • Not at all =D, it means that you simply love the series, i have lots of Mario games... I think i counted over 20 - 30. I think im going to play brawl soon...
    Okay, I'm getting offline for now, so I'll see you guys later if you're still on. If it says I'm still on then that's because I'm on other websites, so . . . 'bye now!
    Oh, I know. I'm glad if my friend manages to beat me. It means that everything I said sunk in, though it'd still be too early to tell if its second nature.

    Haha, I use Umbreon to irritate and annoy my opponents, and it does that quite well.

    I am a very offensive trainer myself. Most of my Pokemon have been trained to Attack and Attack some more. I generally dislike defensive strategies. I also prefer to play with Fire... It is safe to assume that a good number of Pokemon on my team are Fire-type, and they are powerful.

    Dragonite is a great Pokemon. Its a powerhouse, well rounded stats (although, mine is a little sluggish in speed). I like to abuse its powerful attack stat.
    I don't suffer defeat often either. My friend has a lot of difficulties getting around my Umbreon's defenses. But he did nail me a few times. He's kinda like me, in a sense, that he also prefers his favorites, he and I have a lot in common when it comes to that.

    Pokemon Crystal is one of my personal favorites. Before that, it was Silver, but its battery died and bit the dust (taking a lot of my Pokemon down with it... Quite a few Lv100's were on that game) I don't play Crystal much anymore, but it was my main game until I got Emerald (almost missed the 3rd gen entirely) Which leads to Pearl, and now Platinum.
    Yeah, its understandable. A lot of Glitches out there can really cause some major problems.

    Even today, I still focus on my favorites, raise them, and battle with them. If they happen to be shiny, that's just a bonus. Shiny or not, its the same Pokemon. I play the Platinum version mostly, and spend a lot of time at the Battle Frontier since I don't have Wi-Fi. Kinda sucks that I'm stuck with locals. My friend is pretty good though, so it works out. I get a charge while battling him. I'm more like a tutor to him it seems. I taught him everything he knows.
    The famous Missingno. Glitch is the one I remember. lol

    The scary part is that I still remember how to pull it off. Its been burned into my brain!

    Glitches are not something I focus on these days though. I just train, train, train, battle, and train some more. If I were to come across a glitch, I'd be... "Wait, what? Did that just happen?" lol
    I like the Legend of Zelda series... But i only have 2 games XD, I have Orcarina of Time and Orcale of Seasons. My fortee is usually the Mario games.. I kinda grew up playing Mario games
    It'll be up and running before you know it ;)... Usually i dont go on youtube anymore... I've actually gotten back to playing the Wii and other nintendo systems
    Request Accepted! :D

    And a Class A dose of Boredom? Its Even recommended by doctors? Oh my... lol Gotta say, that's original. Never heard that one before.

    I'm not so different. Hardly anything worth noting happens with me. The last time I did something major was months ago, and that was a comic convention.

    And you talk about something not too healthy? How 'bout playing Pokemon as much as I do. I am insane when it comes to it. Don't know when to stop. lol.
    Mine just started to work about 3 weeks ago. But most likely it was my computer. Its a piece of garbage. It rattles, hums, and sometimes vibrates XD. Some people just post whatever for attention nowadays... I havnt been on it in a while...
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