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  • I meant computer work ^^;, I was a grain bin builder then a car washer, then when school came back i was a babysitter til the financial thing nailed us... Im un-employed atm. But, i will be looking when i get to college in September, The internet is full of entertainment.. Youtube, google, lots of fun stuff XD
    Oh, nothing in particular. I'm just the curious type. lol, Its a bad habit.

    Nice to meet ya though, and you can talk with me anytime. Can't guarantee it'll be exciting however. lol
    I forgot to say hi ^^; i kinda got wrapped up with work... Well, hello nice to meet ya, what's up? Uh, nothing much.. Kinda chillin around the house... Yay for summer vacation, i guess i could do some spriting... Anyways, how are you?
    I only take friend requests if they're people I know well.

    They're both odd glitches with plenty of quirks... one of them has Pokeflute for a cry!
    Oh, okay. Well I say it is a very good habit. Yeah, good luck, haha. Just try your best at reading the rules of each section.
    Alright cool. Well you don't have to apologize of course. Just watch out for him in the future, haha. Oh its okay, I don't mind.
    Strange how every argument I take place in ends that way... :eek: I can never stay enemies with anyone. Sorry I said "damn".
    You don't have to memorize everything. Usually every section of the forums have these "sticky" threads. These threads are threads that are always on top... they explain the rules. http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=399640 Is the sticky thread you need to read to see how to correctly do it. It can be a pain in the *** at times but very important.
    Oh it would probably take 10 minutes. But anyways, yes. It seems perfectly fine. But if you ever change your signature and don't know if its right, you can always check here:


    If you want another image, you can certainly do it. Just make sure it doesn't stack up. You can have 1 banner.
    You're right, I should have said hi or something. But anyways, these are the rules.


    Basically I can cut your image into three separate pictures. Two will be 200x200 while one will be 400x100. This will be the only images allowed (max 3), and will limit what else you can have in your signature. I understand that alot of people have giant signatures because many have joined simply to participate in the Heart Gold/Soul Silver discussion, and do not know the rules. Many come from other small forums where one can have these enormous size banners.

    But anyways, to make your banner smaller I need a link to the picture.
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