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  • lol, thanks, cya. BTW it was 7:41 AM for me when you sent the message, so I take it that we are in the same time zone :D
    I would love it if you could get me some of those tutorials on making backgrounds, and fonts. Also, I am planning on making a Christmas UB for the club, and was wondering how should I do the background for that?
    I know Pokemon of course, Yu-Gi-Oh I know too, I heard of Air TV though I haven't seen it, it seems I've heard of a lot of those but haven't seen them.
    Awww poor you.I watch lots of kinds of animes Pokemon of course I'll put some down here.Mew mew power, Pretty cure, Kaleido Star, Baka to test, H20 ~Footprints in the sand~, True tears, Rozen maiden, Yumeiro Patissiere and a lot more this list would be too long if I added any more.What animes do you like ? ^^
    Awww poor you hope you feel better soon, I know how you feel having to go to school when you're sick is unfair.Good idea anime makes you feel better ! I'm good, looking really forward to Christmas ! Are you ?
    It does.

    I hate school most of the time, but it's easy for me, though I do fear next year because I graduate this year O_O

    Yeah I loved the Entei one, he's an amazing Pokemon, though I do like the other 2 though. Their appearance in Movie 13 was great
    I don't, it's cold and I always slip on the ice :/

    Well, sometimes we get a lot of snow but never enough for a snow day. Sometimes the roads are so bad the busses can't even go out onto the roads so bus students get to stay home.
    yeah! For sure! :DDD
    oh thank you so much! It took me forever to find the pics XD
    by the way I love your pikachu profile pic CUUUUTTTEE! >.<
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