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  • I have the eyes for things like this.

    Well what do you usually do when you're bored? Go and watch porn and masturbate or something like that...
    I hate it! You can't move, and it makes you fart...

    Well, what do you like? I'm more of a Bleach/One Piece/Naruto sort of person myself.

    I will travel across the land, searchin' far and wide [dun dun dun]
    Each Pokemon, to understaaand, the power that's inside....

    Yes, I suffer from SD. Sig Disorder. =p
    I thought so, I found similar sprites on this site with sprites [gtsplus.net i think] but when I copied them to Fireworks it had a black background. I'm too lazy to cut it out. Did you make it yourself?
    Yup. But it would just make SPPf even slower. Slower than this cannot be possible, surely.

    Hahaha. Yes, yes it was. He also knows Horsea and Goldeen. CN has been airing Pokemon Chronicles episodes this week [I've never seen any of them, and barely heard of them] and he gets confused when he sees Cassidy and butch saying that they're from Team Rocket. The first song was the best [nostalgia much?] because I liked the lyrics. You teach me and I teach youuuu...

    Tbh, I'm already sick of Igglybuff ruling my signature. It's been there since Tuesday... =/ I think I've used the banner + text sig way too many times. I want something new, but it's a bit too early to order something new haha.

    EDIT; where did you get the cool sprites in your old hg/ss sigbanner thing?
    That art is cool. I used the Grimer art as my avatar for ages before. If there was a way that all the avatars could be on the one page, i'd look through them all. Looking through 30 pages of 12 avatars takes too long.

    My little 3 year old brother find a Pokemon VHS the other day and we watched it together. It was one of the St Anne episodes and it brought back so many memories. I still remember all the words to the original theme song =] The anime had so much more drama back then. Now my brother goes around with his toy pokeball saying "Charmander, I choose you now" and so on. He only knwos Charmander Squirtle Pikachu Bulbasaur and Butterfree. And Onix and TR =] hAha.

    I like the simplicity of your new sig. Cute picture =] But I really liked your old one [it was the one with all the sprites and HGSS themed, no?]
    I loved entering with weak pokemon. So fun =p

    Yea. I wanted one that would have been fun to work with but unfortunately all the Teddi's look rather bland. I'm guessing your one is the new Sugi art?

    Hahaha. Nostalgia much?
    Wow. In Emerald, I didn't own it but my brother did so I couldn't play often, I loved the Battle Dome and the style of the tournament thing. So creative.

    Teddiursa is adorable. I'd totally order a teddiursa sig but the images I find aren't cute enough by my standards =p

    black and white sprites are cool. i don't know. Lil Crickee changed hers and lbsweet changed his/hers [i think he's a guy...?] and I had the Crystal sprite and I just love the RBY sprites. Everyone carries a whip =]
    Mhm. I went inside the Factory, seeing as its the only one I can do well in without a planned out and half-decent team. Not doing too well so far. From my first two matches I've already almost lost =x My team is Houndoom [who puts Counter on a Houndoom???], Dragonite [with Dragon Dance hurray] and Luxray [which has unexpectedly saved my team a few times with Howl + T-Fang]. I wanted to take a Gengar in the first round, but it knew Spite, Confuse Ray, Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball. Strangely enough, two of the pre-first round options were Houndoom and Rhyperior - two of my three highest levelled Pokemon in Diamond haha. If only Flygon was there =x

    Love the new avatar. What's with everyone and new avatars?
    Haha jokes.

    I like going nice and slow to smell the roses and such. I haven't even gone into one of the Frontier Buildings yet =x
    You're making me jealous =x

    I got Plat the day it came out in Australia [which happened to be the day after my bday; may 14] and only finished it two weeks ago. Too a while. And the darkrai event ends soon! =x
    My sig was just text until about February when I ordered banners from Northern Lights and Miror B. I kept that signature for at least three weeks, and an Ampharos one for about three weeks.

    Hahaha. At least you're not keeping it till the Australian release, some two months later =x
    Haha. I'm too lazy to upload a Lady Gaga avatar =p

    I need a new signature. This one is past its useby date. I've had it since last Sunday and haven't even ordered a new one yet =x
    Haha. I haven't changed Cherrim since about Christmas. The avatar was part of one of those Serebii advent calendar thingamajigs.
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