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  • Come back to the Banned thread please. It's not much fun... well, Dattebayo is still there and a guy named zaggy is there, but still. :eek:
    Sorry, internet crashed... grr... xD I did not... well, on my neck a bit. Really, really light skin. Like almost transparent. I was allowed to bring whatever I wanted, so I did bring my iPod touch. Cell wouldn't matter, since there was no service lest you want to pay 1.29 per minute. Plus, most of my friends use AIM or stuff like that for communication.
    Tiring, hot, but fun yes. I missed my internet though... computer... all my entertainment, only my DS avec moi.
    Maybe Nintendo doesn't want kids to spend their whole weekends playing their games... of course, that makes no sense >.>

    At first I was going to make SoulSilver my main game, but then I had a change of heart. Now I want HeartGold to be my main game... Maybe I'll make them both my main game. Of course, I can't restart them... so I'll have to buy another copy of each of them somewhere down the line ;D
    I found it funny that I cried at the end of PMD: Explorers of Time, but I had played PMD: Explorers of Darkness in Japanese a few months earlier, and I already knew what was going to happen... I guess the dialogue makes all the difference XD

    My sweet 16 is in May, but I'll probably already have the games by them. I'm planning on buying them on the day they come out, since it's likely they'll come out on a Sunday... for some reason. I haven't decided which one will be my main game though...
    Yeah, I have to wait until spring too. I bought Diamond and Emerald when they first came out in Japanese, and it was hard! Well, Emerald was basically the same as Ruby and Sapphire, so I didn't have that much of a problem. Diamond was another story... I would buy one of them when they come out, but my aunt (the only one out of my family off the internet) doesn't want to buy another Japanese game due to a problem she had a few years ago... lol. I plan to pre-order both of them with they're ready in the US :D
    I was one of the first people to put it in my sig, now it's everywhere. People are now saying that it IS OU, but what do I care. I live by that saying, and sometimes I just play Crystal to battle Karen again... *can't wait for HGSS* Hopefully they won't get rid of that saying in the remakes.
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