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    pokemon, pokemon games, internet, youtube, friends, nice people, reading, writing stories, drawing, animals, disneyland, seaworld, warriorcats series, dogs, riding my bike, cloudy days!
    people who are b**chy to talk to, people who chew their food loudly, when the sun is too bright and too hot
    i loooove pokemon!!! i know almost every single info about all te pokemon games, except for the really old versions like blue, red, yellow, etc. so you can ask me anything about any pokemon from the firered/leafgreen, ruby/sapphire/emerald, dpp, and hg/ss and im sure to help you :DD my favorite pokemon are the fire types or dragon types, or any kind of pokemon that are awesome looking and work well with me throughout the game. if anyone wants to battle me, my friend code is 0904 0559 9641
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