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  • GG. Magma Storm surprised me. But for Heatran, I like to go with Fire Blast, personally. Same power as Magma storm, but more accurate. Magma Storm's ability to trap doesn't really do much for you, anyway.
    i have a shiny male adamant kirlia for trade...it's touched...lv 20...want it??? offers???
    well, I'm going to be here all today too, but I don't have wifi right now, so we can't do anything. But tomorrow I have like, 6 trades to do from 2 pm GMT till 6 GMT.
    But we can chat, or plan future trades, or sth like that. =D
    why wouldn't I tell you how to?

    First select the Pokemon you want to clone and you can give him an item too. The n get to the GTS, and enter.
    Put your pokemon in offer, and ask for sth impossible (level 10 or lower celebi, level 10 or lower pidgeot) so that nobody can take it. Accept, and while the conexion is charging, switch the power off just BEFORE your pokemon appears to get inside the pokeball (you can't see that video to do it correctly) More or less, that moment is the eighth time the clock in the bottom gives a complete turn ( I don't remember the word in English xD) but it depends on your type of conexion. For me, it's the 8º-9º. But you c an look in YouTube or other sites.

    As you can see, I'm back, and we can battle or whatever tomorrow. And I'll see what I can do to fix my shiny list. =)
    well, I have to clne them, otherwise my list wouldn´t grow. And there was a time when i chained my own shinies (gligar, ponyta, snorunt) and I asked for good-natured ones in exchange, so that's why they're good.
    enjoy them, I don't really use them...
    well, today I'm going on holiday until saturday, so we would have to do things then.

    congrats, you'll be getting more and more, but just one advice: ask for non-evolved (squirtle, bulba) and not fully evolved (Blastoise) so you can have all the shiny family. Then you can clone to have all of them. =D
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