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  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Brazen Disposition RP is dead. I think the premise was good, but when it came to actually getting the ball rolling, something just didn't quite "click," if you know what I mean. I guess getting immersed into it just didn't work out for most people, self included.
    HEy gmoyes, how are you? You or anyone you know who is interested in my One Piece RPG?
    Yes, they are more resistant, but not fully immune. Just wanted to address that, as AA said this after reading your SU in the thread.
    Hey, regarding your SU for Brazen Disposition, you listed your Pokemon as immune to the infection. In fact, despite being non-biological, they can still be infected. If you could edit the SU to take those parts out, that would be great.
    You're very welcome! ^^ Aaaah, that's why you didn't do them X) You didn't teach the HMs to any of your Pokémon actually, so that's why I thought it was a deliberate choice ^^; If you need help again, feel free to ask! :)
    Hey there! :) I know that you're not around right now, but I'm just putting the links of the stuff I did/get for you in FB for future reference for us both :) I'll edit this VM whenever I'll do the same for next week.

    - Monday Candy
    - Daycare Pickup/Drop-off
    - Training Centre drop-off

    - Weekly Berry

    - Monday Candy
    - Daycare Pickup/Drop-off
    - Training Centre Pickup/Drop-off

    - Weekly Berry

    By the way, I noticed that none of your Pokémon have learned any HM moves (which other than a week's stay at the Training Centre, it's completely free), which surprised me since you have a few Pokémon in your PC that could be dropped off in a shop no problem. If you don't mind, I have dropped your Horsea Delta there so she can learn at least a few HM moves (note that she automatically learns Surf and Waterfall without the need of being dropped off). At worst if you don't want those moves, I could edit the drop-offs/pickups out of my post or you could simply ignore my posts about them.

    Anyways, there you have it! :)
    If you love RPG's,check out the new one on Serebii called Pokemon War part 1.
    Please check it out and tell friends.
    I changed the rules so that there are only 3 Pokemon per round, like actual Jeopardy. Go ahead and say which space you want to try (such as Cities, $300, for example.).
    Dude, I just realized I have 2 Heart Scales, so I can trade you one. I've posted in CC, with same price of 2 Candies.
    Hey, is everything going alright? You haven't posted In Nigh for a while. I changed my mind in my second post and decided to send someone to meet with Alex.
    Hey, since I noticed something about them Blackthorn dragon trainers in your post, feel free to have one of them mention anything about Shay.
    Sorry if I'm holding things up for you in the Freelancer RP.

    I've been having a few eyesight problems and have been dealing with that for about a week at the doctor's office, but I'm feeling better now, and my post is more than half done. It should be up by tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay.
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