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  • yeah same here but I am getting really tempted and yes I do but I don't play it a lot
    haha sometimes and yeppers I am going to be hitting the black market with Chespin bebies soon and I will give you a friend discount :p
    I am fine with the Black one I have besides it was a gift so I would feel bad if I sold it and I guess you can Toronto small cuz you live in NYC but it is the biggest city in Canada lol and I am also getting both but Y will be my main one and I am starting with Chespin for sure on Y and I have been to the NY side of the falls a Buffalo
    your lucky I wish I could get the Special Edition Pokemon XY 3DS I just have the black one cuz I got mine when the 3DS just came out and that's cool did you have a good time when you where here? also are you getting X or Y
    same here HG/SS are my all time fav Pokémon games and you should add me as a friend on your 3DS so we can battle and trade!!! :) that's cool I live close to Niagara Falls and I have never been to Montreal but would love to how long ago did you come to Canada?
    yeah I am trying to keep myself busy as well and I know once X and Y are out I will be set for sure lol :D

    I have been to the state of New York but not NYC I would love to go sometime
    Well, I went to Pokemon Sunday this month! And I'll probably go again next month since it's the last one.

    Did you preorder XY? I preordered one at gamestop and Im still waiting to hear what the NIntendo store is doing before I preorder my second copy. Ah, the anticipation!!!

    How's life?
    I'm Gabe, nice to meet you!
    I always complain that I dont know any guys who play pokemon in NY (around my age).. and now I do LOL
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