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  • Yup. We recently finished Ocarina of Time versus. The final dungeon was f*cking hilarious. We can't wait to start playing X and Y. One of us is going to play X and the other get Y. Lauren's getting and I'm getting Y. I wanted X cuz I prefer the Pokemon exclusive to X. Clauncher is a bad*ss and Swirlix is the cutest motherf*cker since Jigglypuff. Skrelp is ok I guess but Spritzee's nose/beak disturbs me for some reason. At least Yveltal is pretty cool. Which version are you getting and what starter? I'm choosing Froakie.

    She's nice? Speak for yourself. This is how our text messages usually go:

    Lauren: Ew.

    That convo is also on here.
    Eeyup, thanks ^^ I don't even know what I want to do yet. That Gay Pride is amazing. The one I went to was in Newcastle, on the first of September I'm going to the one in Sunderland and I'm taking my Pikachu plush with me.
    Yep, me and Skye have both been inactive lately as well.

    We finished school last Friday so we'll be starting college in September, we went to Gay Pride on Saturday with my aunty Anita. It was SO FUUUUUUUN! :3 And after that we've just been too lazy to log on.
    Gohan. It's me Poke's4Ever. Me and bacon have both had our names changed, also Skye is going to join. We still don't have username for her and we've been sitting here for the past half hour trying to think of one. I'll tell her to add you if you don't mind.
    Hey gohan, it's me bacon. I've just had a name change cuz bacon sounds ridiculous.

    I'm trying to take up competitive battling so I haven't logged on in a while.
    Me: Ugghhhhh... his body's like twitching.
    Skye: Ewwww.
    Me: I sorta just wanna have sex with Dead Hand's dead body. (Decided to give you an image of Dead Hand (you'll sh*t yourself btw): http://harangon.deviantart.com/art/Dead-Hand-320337648)
    Skye: You should do that as that would be necrophilia, except what the heck is that thing? Honestly, I think it's dead flesh from dead people, mashed into a monster.
    Me: I feel sorry for the people drinking that sh*t.
    Skye: It's no wonder Kakariko Village is full of crazies. That fat guy...
    Me: You mean Anju?
    Skye: Well Anju's not crazy... yet.
    Me: She's raising chickens but she's allergic.
    Skye: Well that makes sense, but think about it. The guy in the windmill, the crazy old hag, they're all crazy.
    Me: That boy.
    Skye: What?
    Me: The kid in the graveyard cuz he wants to be like Dampè. Who wants to be like Dampè?!
    Skye: Don't pretend to be Dampè, that's the moral of the story.
    Me: Dampè's pretty cray-cray.
    Skye: He also died so...
    Me: MAYBE THAT'S WHERE THE LITTLE BOY WENT! Dampè died and the little boy killed himself so he could be like Dampè!
    Skye: Well he did want to be like Dampè.
    Me: Maybe the Dead Hand is that little boy from the graveyard.
    Skye: I wonder if you're a little boy.
    Me: Or maybe Dead Hand raped the little boy cuz he's sort of like Micheal Jackson.
    Skye: Okay well this has gotten very dark now.
    Me: It's the Bottom of the Well, we're supposed to be dark.
    Skye: Well there's also the Shadow Temple.
    Me: I'm not afraid of the Shadow Temple.
    Skye: I'm not afraid of any of this, it's a video game!
    Back to Ocarina of Time versus!

    Mini dungeon 2 - Bottom of the Well

    Skye: As Ruto was reborn as the Water sage, Link makes his way to... (sees the town of fire) wait, WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON HERE!? Seriously! Someone call 911!
    Sheik: Get back Link! ...Link! Why are you incapable of showing emotion? Get back!
    (Bongo Bongo's spirit comes out of the well)
    Sheik: Holy sh*t. Oh my god. Please don't-
    (Bongo Bongo attacks Sheik)
    Sheik: AHHHHHHHHH!
    Skye: The dark force that attacked Sheik escapes from the well in Kakariko Village, where Link must go next to uncover the truth.

    Me (whispering): Hello.
    Skye (whispering): Hello.
    Me (whispering): We've gotta be really quiet as it's nighttime in the game and I don't want to wake up the villagers.
    Skye: Oh it's actually day time in my game..
    Me: HAHA! Oh sorry everybody! Welcome to the Bottom of the Well!
    Skye: This is fun times, Lauren. The Bottom of the Well is probably the scariest place in the game, even scarier than the f*cking Shadow Temple!
    Me: Yeah I know what's so scary about it: everything's dead.
    Skye: It's also the town's water supply, which is what freaked me out.
    Me: That's true. Why is the town's water supply like the filthiest area of the game?
    Skye: It's like evil and sh*t too! The thing on the back wall is evil looking! Why would they build something like this?
    Me: Skye, that's my dad.
    Skye: Oh well.
    Me: Are you saying my dad looks evil?
    Skye: Yes. And he's kinda of a d*ck.
    Me: ...I'm not gonna argue...
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