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  • Hey gohan. Sorry for the inactivity. Just thought I should tell you that I finally got my name changed. I used to be 4Ever just so you know. I have some funny school stories to tell you as well.

    (Reciting a scene from Dracula with Chris playing as Jonathan and me, Zak and Josh as the 3 hags)
    (We say some of the lines of the 3 hags in a very creepy tone while Chris tries to runaway)
    3 of us: ...DROP THE BASS!
    Everyone in the class: xD

    (Me and Skye talking to our pregnant Maths teacher on baby names)
    Me: What're you gonna call it if it's a girl?
    Mrs: I don't know about girl names. I'll have to decide.
    Skye: What about if it's a boy?
    Mrs: I like the name Joseph but I don't like Joe himself.
    Me and Skye: xD

    (In Geography talking about Chinese food, one food is a donkey penis)
    Mrs: We're going to watch a video of someone actually eating a donkey penis, only in the video he doesn't call it a donkey penis so you have to be mature about it.
    Me: What do he call it?
    Mrs: The 'C' word.
    Me: Cucumber?
    Mrs: xD Uhhhh... no.
    It is, actually. I can't wait to get onto the sequel of my fanfiction since I have a lot planned for it, and it strays from the game so it's more original. ^^
    I went to college today for my induction day, to see what it was like. It was SO good. And I felt triumphant knowing the mathematicians and the scientists were all bullsh*tting when the people in my English class discovered how difficult it was to get enough coverage to even get a B, nevermind an A.
    Yeah. I'm still going strong with that one though, I only updated it a couple of days ago, and it got a lot of attention, all positive.
    yeah Rilla got pissed off because pikakirby forced some of the members including him to join some kingdom hearts forum and then got depressed and one day spammed their profiles

    Rilla made hundreds of threads in the pony forum about how stupid pikakirby is and some people started yelling at him

    i thought you seemed familiar~ i was sling on that forum. (this might seem cruel but the flamewar that erupted on that forum before it was deleted was amusing imo)
    funny thing is my forum sucks ***, and apparently now it has two games sections. someone's getting fired >:]

    were you that guy called Doryuzu at the pony forum?
    still made me jump lol

    so um happy independence day i guess (even tho i dont live in america)
    okay so youre not

    sorry. i started a forum at the end of june (place isnt even a week old) and theres a member there called Conway and I have no idea who the hell it is because I never invited them
    [Yeah your right. xD I can't wait to get better teams so I can have tournaments with my friends. xD We do BW style tournaments.
    Yep. xD I've mostly been watching BW tournaments all day.]
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