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    XD Yes it is. Especially when they enjoy it as much as you. It's difficult to find people who like the anime @_@ tsk tsk tsk Kodomo ne~
    Wow that was a mouthful, but I think I understand XD

    I agree, that it's much more enjoyable when you can discuss these things with others. Wow, I was going to make a dirty joke, but I think you can fill in the blanks XD
    I hate haters. Even haters have haters XDD which are the people who don't hate, but if they don't hate, then they can't hate haterz XD

    It's nice that I can actually find people who'll watch it XD Except for Pikachu XD I find it funny, I think the joke is that Iris is trying to train Ash, but Ash is training her XD
    Yeah, haters can be annoying.

    That's cool that you re-watch the episodes with your friends. I think that everyone suffered Pikachu's wrath in the movie XD I feel bad for Pansage and Axew XD Ash repays Iris's training by shocking her Pokemon? Ash and Pikachu are always funny XD
    Yeah, it seemed to happen after his battle with Cabernet where he really started to use it XD I like it though, it seems like many of the other users on here like it too, which is good because I don't like to see people hatin' :(

    I've seen it a couple times, because sometimes I get together with friends and re-watch the episodes we found funny. Yeah I saw that XD I couldn't tell if that was part of the movie or not, but Dento seems to be trying to help him...it looks like he's paid back in...thunder? XD
    I guess that's a catchphrase even though he doesn't use it often in the show. Although, we have heard it a lot more lately this season XD

    I think I remember that now, although I think I've only seen it once or twice. Atleast he overcomes it. By the looks of one of the previews Dento gives him a pep speech.
    XD Well YEAH...but I meant as an "insult" XDD "It's...Insulting Time?" XDDD

    XD I thought his was "Getto da ze" He does need one. Maybe all Unovians have one....so that's why he doesn't XD silly Kantonian :p

    Really? There was one in Johto. It was like the funniest episode ever XD only it was a radio show, and not a movie. Ash seemed nervous though
    Dento already has "It's ... time". He uses it almost as much as Iris says kodomone XD

    Ash needs a catchphrase. Although, he has said "What's with you?" a lot of times after Iris uses her phrase on him. Maybe she's trying to tell him to get a catchphrase XD

    The only thing I can remember was the movie episode in Kanto.
    XD It's fine. I find it funny actually. XDD I'm just mad that Dento doesn't say anything like that.

    I'm still wondering why Dento changes his outfit? I'm almost CERTAIN it gets fried XD I saw some in the Smash preview. POOR AXEW. Pikachu is a TERRIBLE actor. Hasn't Ash always been a bit nervous at stuff like this? I remember that one waaay back in Johto XD
    I know!! Everyone hated it!! DX but I LOVED it, it was honestly one of my favorites ^^; I can't wait for the Zorua one either. That one looks adorable X3 I love fishing, but my fishing skillz are probably....a bit like Bianca's XD I caught a tree >.> not an Ash.

    UGHZjfdafja you Iris fanz using Kodomone~~~ against me! ALL THE TIME THIS HAPPENS!!! XDDDD
    XD I KNOWZ but it's summer and it's nice out XD meh...I actually don't go outside as much as I want XD gosh darnz it the fishing episode last thurs made me want to go fishing and watch more animal planet DX
    XD Yush very true. Lately I've been trying to busy myself outside more instead of messing around on the internet :3
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