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Last Activity:
Oct 6, 2012
Apr 26, 2008
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<-I herd u Liek me?

goinGreen was last seen:
Oct 6, 2012
    1. Plasma Dragon
      Plasma Dragon
      Alright, sounds cool. =]
    2. Plasma Dragon
      Plasma Dragon
      My Shoddy Name is PlasmaDragon. What's yours?
    3. Plasma Dragon
      Plasma Dragon
      Hey, saw your team in RMT Thread. Seems pretty interesting to use UU in OU. I would like to battle you if you don't mind, to see your team in action. =]
    4. goinGreen
      It failed... I've got most of them, but it's not going to work. Thanks for asking though, and thanks for helping me with ideas.
    5. Master Blastoise
      Master Blastoise
      How's the Pikachu team?
    6. Infernape80fire
      oh, i play it,
    7. Infernape80fire
      thats great! i have to do some alot piano work!
    8. goinGreen
      Doing alright. Busy busy, with sports and work and stuff this summer. You?
    9. Infernape80fire
      HI! how are you?
    10. Master Blastoise
      Master Blastoise
      Never put attacking moves of only one type on a Pokémon. It's bad.

      I meant to put Thunder Wave on it, but I don't remember why I didn't. I think I just forgot.

      BTW, it's easier if you post your Visitor messages on the profile of the other person.
    11. goinGreen
      cool! I'm kinda a beginner when it comes to actual battling, EV/Moveset wise. I didn't think you thought her useless, but I agree that when it comes to the Uber/OU game, speed = power. I like this idea, but it'd probably incorporate Thunder Wave (considering it didn't hatch with those egg moves,) which people don't usually expect. It worked great with my current EV trained Pikachu (Thunder/Thunderbolt/ThunderWave/Substitute,) but that one doesn't have perfect Sp.Attk nor speed.
    12. Master Blastoise
      Master Blastoise
      I didn’t say the Calm one was useless. You could use him as some sort of an annoyer.

      Pikachu @ Focus Sash
      252 speed/ 252 HP/6 Sp. Att. (There could be a better EV spread)
      Light Screen/Wish/Encore
      Light Screen/Wish/Encore
      Knock Off

      It might work.

      Anyway, Good luck with your Pikachu team.
    13. goinGreen
      Sure, why not. Friends are good.
    14. Infernape80fire
      do you want to be friends?
    15. goinGreen
      doing well, you?
    16. Palamon
      How are you Goingreen?
    17. Shadow_lugia991
      Thanks for the add!
    18. goinGreen
      same to you, and sure!
    19. Shadow_lugia991
      Hiya, nice to meet you! Wanna be friends? Palamon's my friend as well ^_^
    20. goinGreen
      I do, and luckily, my Wii is set up to the internet where my DS is not. You?
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