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  • Only 3? Oh! I thought it was thirty. Thanks, that should help. The only problem is that I don't have anything other than quick balls, repeat balls, a couple pokeballs, a couple luxury balls, and several timer balls. I can't believe Darkrai has a catch rate of 30. Oh well. I just hope that when I find a shiny, it'll go into a quick ball easy enough, or I'll have to wait it out with paralysis and hope for a timer ball capture.

    [edit] I'm now trying to catch it for good nature, I don't care if it's shiny. I'll check for relative IV's as well. First catch: Pokeball.
    As to catching Darkrai, statusing/lowering a Pokemon's health doesn't actually help much or increase the chances of catching it. Every Pokemon has a "catch" rate: the lower the number the less chance a Poke Ball will work. For example, Rattata has something like a catch rate of 255, making it almost impossible NOT to catch. Dialga/Palkia have a catch rate of 30, the same as Chancey. Darkrai has a catch rate of 3.
    That's how I originally heard about it, but I youtube searched it and found a lot of crazy stuff online. I herd dat itz funny.

    Besides, I do love Mudkips, it's just too bad that I think that Swamperts are ugly. Mudkips are awesome, and my favorite 3rd gen. pokemon.
    thanks for putting my pic in ur sig, i wish it were smogon where you could change ur avv, but then u cant put images in sigs, too bad.
    cud u also add a link if u dont mind? it would be great advertising and ill be sure to keep ur requests on the top list
    hey! Glad to see you here!
    I'm trying to, but unfortunately my laptop doesn't allow me to see the URL of pictures... could you maybe PM the URL to me? And I'll check out your thread now.

    Wanna be friends? If so, I'll send a friend request.
    you said you would put my fusion in your sig..
    awww :O

    oh well....could you pop by my thread and comment on the recent additions?
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