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  • Hey, it's goinGreen

    One of my serebiifriends, Master Marth, is trying to make a Pokemon RPG. He wants to see if other people would want to take part/ are interested. So I'm helping him find people.

    Anyway, please reply if interested, or if you have any Q's. I KNOW that people DO look at this page, I've seen that I have 164 visits. So take the time to read this, please. And Thanks for your time.
    Like, a Pokemon RPG? Sure, I'm interested. Once you make it, send me the link or tell me about it.

    Can't wait! :)
    I'm creating a new Rpg about a new region I created. I need at least ten interested people to motivate me. Please. And I think its awsome you accepted.
    I love that song too, but I haven't listened in a while. It's really good, too bad My Chemical Romance is on hold 'cuz of Gerard's graphic novel series. I haven't read them... nor do I plan to. Anyway, what's up? And want to be my friend? If so, please tell me and I'll send a friend request.
    Thanks, Nice song in sig. I'm not oookay, I'm not Okaaaaaaaaaayy, I'm not whoakkkkkkkaaaaayyyy, don't wear me ooouuut, wuou oua uoa out. I think thats how it goes.
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