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Last Activity:
Feb 10, 2011
Jun 3, 2009
Likes Received:
Nov 10, 1993 (Age: 26)
St. Louis, MO

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Gotta Love AmbushCat, 26, from St. Louis, MO

GoldChocobo was last seen:
Feb 10, 2011
    1. AquaMilotic
      What do you think about Ajax?
    2. JRCxyz
      Pretty much that.
    3. JRCxyz
      Hey, Choco. I just saw that today was your birthday on the main page and thought "what the hell." Happy birthday, GoldChocobo.
    4. rocko
      Happy birthday!
    5. eevee worshiper
    6. eevee worshiper
      eevee worshiper
      um.. is there any chance that you can activate my account without me verifying the email? I kinda forgot my password......
    7. eevee worshiper
      eevee worshiper
      :D okay then...
    8. eevee worshiper
      eevee worshiper
      oh..... the usual....

      can I lie about my age? I have to have parent permision and we don't have a printer right now.......
    9. eevee worshiper
      eevee worshiper
      Avoid Godzilla? that can't be good XD
    10. eevee worshiper
      eevee worshiper
      :D thanks! I think I'll join the brock website.... It sounds interesting...
    11. eevee worshiper
      eevee worshiper
      And what if I DO know something about competitive battleing and just want to learn how to rate XD?
    12. shadow and jolteon
      shadow and jolteon
      thanks for rating my team:) you helped alot:)
    13. calum
    14. calum

      Join these forums


      I saw you post something concerning optimal lefties in the question thread.

      Never aim for optimal lefties if you are using a pokemon that is weak to Sand Storm in a team with Sand Storm in it.

      Things like Vappy with 252 HP etc dont really mind.

      This is because it is also optimal Sand Storm damage.

      Say you are using a Life Orb Starmie in Sandstorm. You would aim for one point below optimal lefties / optimal sand storm to gain minimal sand storm damage

      Optimal Lefties is also not too good an idea for pokemon with a weakness to Stealth Rock as it also means that they can only switch in 4 times, and take extra damage each turn

      Hope that somewhat helped
    15. benttwig33
      that works out good, I JUST posted a rate my team topic in the 4th gen RMt sections, go check it out :)
    16. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      Lights out Guerilla Radio
      Turn that **** up

      It has to start somewhere
      It has to start sometime
      What better place than here
      What better time than now
      All hell cant stop us now
      All hell cant stop us now
      All hell cant stop us now
      All hell cant stop us now
      All hell cant stop us now
      All hell cant stop us now
    17. Zero_X54321
    18. Zero_X54321
      Quiet Nature, EV's are horrible though, 26, 7, 2, 0, 22, 9
      I have horrible luck with legendary IV's.

      Also, i have a hacked shiny EV, (Jolly and Adamant) if you want one, i didn't know your stance on hacked pokemon though so i left that out.
    19. Zero_X54321
      i have a UT distant land Raikou if you want one...
    20. Darkfall
      :O Don't go hurting yourself now!
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    Nov 10, 1993 (Age: 26)
    St. Louis, MO
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    GoldChocobo Diamond FC: 3008 4134 9942