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  • Ahaha, I see. Must've missed that first time I read it.

    Well, I'm not really sure though. You should ask Eon. :p
    Sounds like pretty good advice honestly. :)
    Any suggestions on what fusions/monsters I should keep/swap out?
    Fusions: Goka, Vapor, Shining, Abosolute Zero, Flame Wingman, Shining Flare Wingman, and maybe Nova Master. Since you get to draw 1 card when he destroys a monster. Helps get to a card you need a little faster. lol
    I'm willing to try new strategies, the decks worked pretty well but I wanna try something new and see how well I can do in small tournaments. :)
    Not particularly it's always been a basic E-Hero deck with the Hero support cards based off the anime/manga with a few spells and traps that are usually helpful.
    Sadly no super poly :( I think I have Vision Hero Trinity and I have both Masked Hero Goka/Vapor.
    Well I have every Elemental Hero (besides Escuridao) lol, if I had to say I guess my strongest heroes would be Absolute Zero, Shining Flare Wingman, Flare Neos, Wild Edge, and Great Tornado<--- (Although not duel tested but I've had feelings he'd be useful.)
    ...your mother sounds like either a laugh riot, or the cause of a street riot... not sure which, and no offense to your mom. That's just my impression.

    Wow. That's... quite strange. Especially after four years.
    That... sucks, lol. Mine was worse only because we did do stuff... and then she turns around and goes with women. Later though, I found out that she got with me because of curiousity. I have no idea how we managed to date for a year, lol.
    also my ex is a lesbian which is a whole 'nother story
    So I'm not the only one this happens to. xD
    I think we'll wait until we see which chart is the most popular (at the moment, there's only one vote) before we do the OCTA charts. The hexa charts are done though 8D.


    Thoughts? Too bright, too dark, want to change the colour, change the stats, anything?
    *Cracks knuckles* I'll have them done before Einstein's theory is officially debunked.

    I figured you didn't XD Just thought I'd ask, anyway.

    Keep writing.
    I just put the 20 kidou, since you had given the okay on that.

    Everyone is using their own colours. Makes it better for my next plan, too...

    Dooo eeet
    I have indeed. I think its an experimental area. There is just TOO much evidence in favour of Einstein. Your thoughts?
    1 ah, okay. I want to read it!

    You did? You can use Yama's purple, or your own lime green.

    There are 2 charts, 8 stats and 6 stats. The hex charts match the Oct charts mostly. I like having data :D
    you gave me permission to smudge the data >D
    Sorry for bugging you so much about it. Is that story our fanfiction 8D?

    1. Alright. When you've cleared it up, ill copy it as well.

    2. Awesome. Also, can you pick a colour for your chart, please?

    Offense looks good
    Defense, I'd put 90. I figure you'd be above average.
    Mobility, 100 because, likewise, I'd think you'd be fast.
    Kido, the thing is, Eon has 10 because he can AT LEAST do a low level spell. Imo I think 10-20 would work, because you can do SOME spells.
    Reiatsu, makes sense. I have 80 mainly because I'm average at that, and it gives me a nice total xP
    Intellect, I'd put 90. You are pretty smart imo. And I show off because I'm 12th squad captain, and its the only thing I have going for me
    Physical strength and stamina, both as 100 makes sense.
    Giving you a total of 680, if you have 0 kidou. So I think 20 kidou makes logical sense (as you should be able to use at least SOME spells), and it pushes you to a 700, perfect for a head captain.

    Of course, this slightly mismatches your current hex stat, so to match that:
    100 offense, 90 defense, 100 mobility, 90 intellect, 100 stamina. But what for kidou/reiatsu? An average of 100 and 20, for 60. Or an average of 100 and 0, for 50.

    3. Okeydokey.
    Because you said you were going to remove Senny from the first post, I'll do that to the second post (where to?) and then you can copy and paste my version, because there are some changes (Blackacer has his shikai, and there are some movements of members in the club).
    You have probably already seen it, but Zam has been creating new Octa charts (charts with 8 stats). Every Captain in the club has one (and some non-captains), except for you :p And it would be nice to have a complete collection. Stats are Offense, Defense, Mobility, Kidou, Reiatsu, Intellect, Physical Strength and Stamina.

    If the stats are even slightly different from you current hex chart (which only applies to Offense, Defense, Mobility and Intellect) can you tell me please, because I'm making a new "generation" of charts that fit the Octa charts.

    Also, what colour do you want? Yamamoto has Royal Purple, I think, but you don't have to choose that.

    I just thought it'd be nice to have a complete set and everything. And numbers are SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY WITH.
    meh i'm over it ^_^

    my MSN: da14u.c@thezone.zzn.com

    i have an overwhelming personality, and i know i am very cocky and arrogant. i am pretty much used to people assuming i am overcompensating for something or trying their best to bring me down, and it rarely works. i tend to let people think what they want unless i know that i will be around them for long periods of time in the forseeable future, then i pretty much feel the need to nip the thughts in the bud
    I am sorry that i came down hard on you, but i wanted the thought cut off before it took root.
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